soros-puppeteer-obamaThe blood of the fallen angels runs in the veins of Jews like Soros and Rothschild.  This documentary is done from a left-wing perspective, but it is a good source of information on Soros and the Rothschilds.   Realize that “Free Trade” is simply a deceptive term for globalist monopoly dictatorship.  “Privatization” means governments being bought up the Rothschild banksters.  These monsters hold power via economic control and secret society intrigue, which includes assassinating anyone who stand in their way.  Abraham Lincoln, Huey Long and JFK are three of the many patriots the globalist Jewish mafia has assassinated.

George Soros “sucks the blood of the people.”

Lucifer has lots of followers on this planet.  Rothschild and Soros on the top of the list.

George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything, I Control America And Hillary Clinton’

His god-complex explains so much about George Soros, the billionaire globalist, who uses his powerful influence in every corner of the Earth.  Soros has said of himself that “normal rules do not apply” to him and that he is a “self-centered” god.

Much that Soros has done has been with an agenda to sculpt the world into the likeness of his globalist world view.  He has influence over heads of state and his Open Societies Foundation has been instrumental in the mass influx of Mulsim immigrants through out Europe and the United States.

Arch socialist globalist and race riot revolution mastermind George Soros emerged to spout an ultimatum to all Europe. Every country must “accept responsibility” for the mass influx of Muslimsnow flooding the continent.

“The EU needs a comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis, one that reasserts effective governance over the flows of asylum-seekers so that they take place in a safe, orderly way, and at a pace that reflects Europe’s capacity to absorb them. To be comprehensive, the plan has to extend beyond the borders of Europe,” Soros writes.

The plan must be globalist in nature, Soros argues, and led by the United Nations. “This would distribute the burden of the Syrian crisis over a larger number of states, while also establishing global standards for dealing with the problems of forced migration more generally.”

Read how Soros see himself on the next page.  The ego on this one is enormous.

George Soros’ god-complex when paired with his ungodly amount of wealth, makes him a nemesis to those who resist his idea of a one-world government.  He has been directly involved in many schemes to alter the balance of power and create the world into what he dreams fit.

By funding Soros’ Open Societies Foundation as well as Mr. Soros himself are funding strategies to encourage participation in the electoral process among those groups most likely to vote for leftest candidates.  With the added words we have an accuratestatement that exposes Soros’ motives and agenda.

“The following four goals form the scaffolding of U.S. Programs’ work,” the guidestates. “1. An American democracy strengthened through increased meaningful participation, inclusive practice, and accountability.” The third strategic goal expands upon this, calling for “Full political, economic, and civic participation of immigrants and communities of color by dismantling the barriers and strengthening the conduits to opportunity.”

On the world stage, “Globalist George Soros is meddling in the nations around the world, forcing them to take in Muslim refugees, so that the nations will change to fit his brand of the what the world should look like.

Moreover, according to Soros, the Muslim migrants must be allowed to choose where they will settle. Most currently travel to Germany and Western Europe where social benefits are available.

Muslim migration “has been the biggest engine of demographic growth in the EU as a whole since the mid-1990s,” a report issued by the EU’s Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development states. “It is about to become the only one.”

 “I fancied myself as some kind of god …” he wrote. “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.“ When asked by Britain’s Independent newspaper to elaborate on that statement, Soros doubled down: “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.“Since I began to live it out. Those unfamiliar with Soros would probably dismiss that claim as nothing more the typical blathering of an irrelevant madman. But those who have followed his career and sociopolitical endeavors realize that while he may be mad, he is a mad billionaire, and billionaires tend not to be irrelevant.

Soros freely admits he pulls the puppet-strings and holds the purse strings too, by his account, he is “god”.