EURO · FOLK · RADIO provides a voice for european peoples worldwide. As such it tackles topics which the mainstream media give little or no time to and which are commonly classed in certain quarters as being politically incorrect.

One hundred years ago, prior to the outbreak of the first fratricidal slaughter known as WW1, the anglo-saxon, aryan, gaelic, celtic, slavic, teutonic, nordic, mediterranean, scandinavian, caucasian peoples accounted for 30% of the world’s population. Today, after two world wars, multiple further wars and all the social engineering forces brought to bear in the  attack on the family unit, white people now account for 12% of the world’s population.

Our primary homelands of europe, north america and australasia have seen unprecedented levels of unwarranted immigration, an ongoing event which seeks the end of the white race to be replaced with a more compliant, rootless population. The proponents of “multi-culturalism” and “diversity” pursue policies which in reality destroy both. Their aims show that; multi-culturalism and diversity are code words for white genocide.


Although much of the content of this website is biblically-oriented and advocates the Christian Identity point of view, which asserts that the Celtic, Welsh, Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon and kindred people are the True Israel of the Bible, Eurofolk Radio is concerned about all White people and their struggle to break free of the Jewish matrix of deceit.  We therefore present all pro-White points of view.   We support all pro-White groups who are opposed to the Talmudic, Zionist, bankster empire of Mystery Babylon, also known as the New World Order and the United Nations Organization.   It is extremely important that all Whites, the world over, Christian or non-Christian, recognize that Talmudic Judaism’s international stranglehold on media, banking, politics, economics, the press, etc. must be opposed by all lovers of truth.   For example, secular authors, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have been issuing articles and books about the fact that up to 95% of the world’s Jewish population has no genetic connection to ancient Israel.    This fact blows the Zionist claim to Palestine right out of the water.   Furthermore, because of Jewish control of mass media, their censorship of damning facts must be exposed by real journalism, free from Jewish censorship.  Bearing these issues in mind, not all of our presentations will represent the ChristianIdentity point of view.  We will strive to feature those who are sympathetic to the cause of White separatism and freedom of speech.


When we say a “European” who do we mean? In the 4 part video series below Pastor Eli James, a main voice at EURO · FOLK · RADIO, provides background information on this question not heard much as yet in the world.


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