ACH (2160) Blackbird9 - An Introduction To Laurel Canyon

In today’s show originally broadcast on May 23 2023, Andy is joined by Blackbird9 for a show entitled, “An Introduction To Laurel Canyon.”

We discussed: how all roads lead to Laurel Canyon and what Laurel Canyon actually is; the significance of David McGowan’s book “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon” and Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood” books; the “Lookout Mountain” covert military installation; the New World Order plan to drive a wedge between children and their parents; the Marxist Theory of the State raising the children; the practice of intolerant tolerance enforcers; how religious sacrifice was done away with after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as He was the last sacrifice; how a conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words; and many other topics.

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