ACH (1564) David John Oates - The 9/11 Reverse Speech Files

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 22 2021, Andy is joined by the Founder of Reverse Speech – David John Oates, for a show entitled, “The 9/11 Reverse Speech Files.”

We discussed: the current situation regarding the lockdowns in Australia; the growing feeling of helplessness amongst people who know the truth; the astonishing incidence of the word “Con” in recent reverse speech from the elite; who was the boss on 9/11; the memo to Dick Cheney telling him about reverse speech; how 9/11 was used to manipulate the feelings and emotions of the American people; how reverse speech is the most effective tool against the powers that should not be; the lack of speech on the internet from the Rothschilds; how reverse speech taps into the core of the unconscious; and many other topics.

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