…because the gangbangers got sick…

The Club of Rome is the beginning of the antichrist depopulation agenda.  Jesus said, “I come to bring you life and that more abundantly.”  The globalists have come to bring us death, and that more abundantly.

This video and more can be found at this website: https://www.jeremiahproject.com/new-world-order/the-club-of-rome/

Globalist “therapy” is kill the economy, which, in turn, will kill us slowly while the mandatory vaccines will cull/kill even more people when it is enforced.  Ah Choo!!

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Whether coronavirus is real or fake, it is being used as a distraction the from the global collapse, which is being caused by the hyperinflation bubble that began in 1944, with the Bretton Woods Agreement.  The Crash of 1929 was deliberately caused by the Federal Reserve in order foreclose on America.  Thousands of local banks went bankrupt and taken over by the Fed.  Thousands of farmers were bankrupted and their land was confiscated the big bankers.   In 2020, the globalist bankers are using the coronavirus as an excuse to again crash the ecomony.   This time, the collapse is being caused by the fact that the 1944-2020 hyperinflation is no longer sustainable.

So, today the Rothschilds are foreclosing on the planet and blaming it on a “virus.”

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