Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finished the series of shows on B. F. Jackson’s “Mystery Of Satan And The Devil”. I believe you will be amazed at the content and the amount of revelation this series brings. Understanding what is happening to our race, our countries, our culture and ultimately the world is extremely important if we are to survive. We are literally being written out of the picture by the jews. They have tried to write Yahweh our Heavenly Father out of the picture as well because they hate Him and His literal offspring the Adamic race. There is no limit to their wickedness and hatred for us. There is no evil under the sun that they will not commit to corrupt, control, impede, mute, twist and ultimately destroy not only us, but the air, the water, the land, the food, the animals, the other races and eventually themselves.

We, the race of Adam are patient and merciful like our Father Yahweh. We have had these fine qualities used against us and it’s about time that our patience runs out. We must learn to stick together, not apologize for speaking the truth, return to Yahweh and make Him our King once again. We must look to Him for counsel and stop looking to the counselors of hell for instruction. When I speak of the Scriptures, I am not speaking anything about religion. The Bible is a book about the history of the race of Adam. It was not meant for any other family of this earth.

The religions of this world have the jews’ father as their god (little g) who is not a god at all, but a fallen angel. If you doubt that all the religions of the world have Lucifer as their god, listen to my shows and I have proven it many times.

Here’s a lovely example :

Judaism did not spawn Christianity as you were taught to believe. It is the most vile set of books filled with Demonology, sexual perversion, hatred for Jesus and Christianity, pantheism rather than being monotheistic, lies and the ideas of filthy dreamers, foolish laws that make no sense, superstitious nonsense, how to appease demons, backwards anti-biblical scripture, the Cabala and so much more that would make you want to vomit.

The first B. F. Jackson book called “The Mystery Of The Serpent” was full of revelations that explained and confirmed many things. I did a series on this book as well which you can enjoy:

If you’d like to view the French translation of this book by Elisabeth Maslard who is a dear lady for taking care of this:

If you are going to learn anything in this world and deprogram yourself from the lies you’ve you’ve been taught, you must take an objective look at the subject matter. I believe you can train yourself to be an over comer. It just takes time and a healthy deep search with a love for the truth. You’ve got to train yourself to be free. They have invested quite a bit of time and money indoctrinating all of us to believe these fables. Because we wouldn’t lie to them, we think they wouldn’t lie to us.

That’s the catchall that traps us into their lies. We can be somewhat gullible as well. For instance: you work hard all week and when the weekend comes, you want to just relax and watch a movie. At this point, you don’t want to think about things too heavily, you just want to be entertained Right? So you let your guard down and they know this and use it as a weapon against you to subtly indoctrinate you and sway how and what you believe. After several years of this and schooling, you are prepared to fight for ideals that someone has put in your head. You must search and find where you got your frame of reference. You will be surprised at what you will find.

There are two educations, the education (INDOCTRINATION) that you received from the fool school system, the television, the news papers, the magazines, Hollywood and literature. “Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free”, free from what? Free from the lies , the fables, the ideals that never translate to reality, the hoaxes, the deceptions devised to entrap you, confusion, illusion and most of all…FEAR.


The Mystery Of Satan And The Devil Series:

I certainly hope and pray that you will find your way through this crazy world maze. Remember that the bible is not a religious book. It is however “THE” key to understand what is really happening to us and this world. It will unlock the biggest picture of all and help you connect the dots.


Until next time,

Yahweh Bless You and Yours.