Talmudism is the most hate-filled doctrine in the universe.


This video is instructive, as it demonstrates how much the rabbinate and jews in general hate OUR Messiah.  This video exposes how much power the Jewish Sanhedrin has in the Israeli State.  Jews go berserk when Rabbi Zev admits that Yahshua is the Messiah.   So, it appears that even Jews who admit that Jesus is the Messiah will be HATED for His Name’s sake!!!!!!!!  Still promoting the “holocaust,”  however.  The importance of this video is that it proves, from the lips of an ex-rabbi, that we are saying about Judaism being a false religion is true.  Amazing how this joo could not handle jooish materialism.



The eruv:  The extremes to which the rabbis go to VIOLATE the Sabbath.  Jews spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to string wires around their neighborhoods, because the TALMUD tells them that the eruv allows them to violate the Sabbath.  Absolutely NOTHING about Judaism is Scriptural.  Its all Jewish BS.



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