The Case Against LBJ

For this week’s show, I discuss the theory that LBJ was behind the assassination of President Kennedy.  The evidence of him being one of the major conspirators is overwhelming.  I know, because I just read 400 pages about it over the past few weeks, not to mention at least 10 hours of documentaries regarding the matter.  At first glance, I quickly scoffed at the notion of LBJ being the guilty party.  Many hours of reading later, I no longer scoff.  There’s a very good case to be made, and I encourage you to dig in for yourself.  This is just an introduction to the matter.  There’s no way I can do justice to the topic on a 120-minute recording.

The Kennedy boys were not saints, either.  But I believe John’s presidency would’ve been much more benign for the country instead of LBJ’s blood-soaked reign of corruption.  Whether Jewish or not, LBJ deserves to be recognized and remembered as the unscrupulous animal that he was.

Judge a man by his fruit and the company he keeps.  When you look at LBJ, what do you see?