As Rouen in France celebrates diversity by way of the murder of a priest and a shoot-out between police and the murderers we can turn our minds to happier matters with this picture of some local Germans welcoming the latest batch of Afghan ‘migrants’ into their communities. You might be interested to know that cheery chappie arrowed at the back row is none other than the ’17 year-old youth’ who hacked six train passengers to death a few weeks after the picture was taken. I wonder had any of them been in that crowd of greeters?

George-Soros_Dr-EvilAnd we learn to our amazement from French parliamentarian Bernard Carayon that George Soros has been masterminding the refugee influx via over a hundred of NGOs, which “whisper in the ear of the European Union to encourage the settlement of migrants. One hundred NGOs advocate and encourage the settlement of these migrants in Europe. A third of them are being subsidized by the European Union and the Open Society of George Soros, a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries.”

And there was I thinking that Mr. Soros was such a nice man, what with all his charitable work and so on. Like the network of free birth control and abortion facilities he operates in Russia and eastern Europe. Which is surprising in one sense given that such regions are experiencing sharp drops in their own populations while the likes of Ethiopia sees its population treble over a few decades. But I suppose he knows what he’s doing.
Actually I’m certain that he knows exactly what he’s doing.
And why.

Source:: Irish Savant