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The Three-Headed Eagle Prophecy of II Esdras

“Britain will die in its own bed.”


The British Empire was great until after World War II. Having been forced by the Rothschilds to fight against Russia (Crimean War), India, China (Boxer Rebellion), the Boers, Germany, and Germany again, Great Britain expended its wealth and people on imperialism. And, now, Britain is in a fight for its sovereign life, dying in its own bed of corruption. (But I expect true Israelite nations to be redeemed after the Second Coming.) Britain was the first of three heads to awaken, because “the sun never set on the British Empire.” British soil was never invaded during the Empire days, although Hitler sent a few V2 rockets across the English Channel. The only “invasion” of Britain in the modern era is the current “invasion” of immigrants, who are destroying the religion and culture of Britain as we speak. The “glory days” are over. – Pastor Eli James

The Three-Headed Eagle of II Esdras 11 & 12, an Identity Interpretation


By Pastor Eli James



Introductory Notes


I will first quote the relevant passages from II Esdras 11, which gives the entire vision. Then, Chapter 12 gives an “interpretation,” although we must still correlate the interpretation with historical events. What is discussed hereinafter comes from two main sources: Dr. Eugene Scott and James Scott Trimm. I will refer primarily to a transcription of a lecture given by Dr. Scott, plus minimal discussion of Mr. Trimm’s viewpoint, which is similar, with the exception of the identification of the Three Heads.

For the reader’s reference, these are the online sources of their work on this subject:




II Esdras 11 & 12


2 Esdras 11:1

Then saw I a dream, and, behold, there came up from the sea an eagle, which had twelve feathered wings, and three heads.

2 Esdras 11:2

And I saw, and, behold, she spread her wings over all the earth, and all the winds of the air blew on her, and were gathered together.

2 Esdras 11:3

And I beheld, and out of her feathers there grew other contrary feathers; and they became little feathers and small.

2 Esdras 11:4

But her heads were at rest: the head in the midst was greater than the other, yet rested it with the residue.

2 Esdras 11:5

Moreover I beheld, and, lo, the eagle flew with her feathers, and reigned upon earth, and over them that dwelt therein.

2 Esdras 11:6

And I saw that all things under heaven were subject unto her, and no man spake against her, no, not one creature upon earth.

2 Esdras 11:7

And I beheld, and, lo, the eagle rose upon her talons, and spake to her feathers, saying,

2 Esdras 11:8

Watch not all at once: sleep every one in his own place, and watch by course:

2 Esdras 11:9

But let the heads be preserved for the last.

2 Esdras 11:10

And I beheld, and, lo, the voice went not out of her heads, but from the midst of her body.

2 Esdras 11:11

And I numbered her contrary feathers, and, behold, there were eight of them.

2 Esdras 11:12

And I looked, and, behold, on the right side there arose one feather, and reigned over all the earth; [This is the first feather, counting from right to left. – Eli]

2 Esdras 11:13

And so it was, that when it reigned, the end of it came, and the place thereof appeared no more: so the next following stood up and reigned, and had a great time;

2 Esdras 11:14

And it happened, that when it reigned, the end of it came also, like as the first, so that it appeared no more.

2 Esdras 11:15

Then came there a voice unto it, and said,

2 Esdras 11:16

Hear thou that hast borne rule over the earth so long: this I say unto thee, before thou beginnest to appear no more,

2 Esdras 11:17

There shall none after thee attain unto thy time, neither unto the half thereof.

[This second “feather” shall reign longer than any of the other “feathers,” by twice the length of the next competitor. – Eli]

2 Esdras 11:18

Then arose the third, and reigned as the other before, and appeared no more also.

2 Esdras 11:19

So went it with all the residue one after another, as that every one reigned, and then appeared no more.

2 Esdras 11:20

Then I beheld, and, lo, in process of time the feathers that followed stood up upon the right side, that they might rule also; and some of them ruled, but within a while they appeared no more:

2 Esdras 11:21

For some of them were set up, but ruled not.

2 Esdras 11:22

After this I looked, and, behold, the twelve feathers appeared no more, nor the two little feathers:

2 Esdras 11:23

And there was no more upon the eagle’s body, but three heads that rested, and six little wings.

2 Esdras 11:24

Then saw I also that two little feathers divided themselves from the six, and remained under the head that was upon the right side: for the four continued in their place.

2 Esdras 11:25

And I beheld, and, lo, the feathers that were under the wing thought to set up themselves and to have the rule.

2 Esdras 11:26

And I beheld, and, lo, there was one set up, but shortly it appeared no more.

2 Esdras 11:27

And the second was sooner away than the first.

2 Esdras 11:28

And I beheld, and, lo, the two that remained thought also in themselves to reign:

2 Esdras 11:29

And when they so thought, behold, there awaked one of the heads that were at rest, namely, it that was in the midst; for that was greater than the two other heads.

2 Esdras 11:30

And then I saw that the two other heads were joined with it.

2 Esdras 11:31

And, behold, the head was turned with them that were with it, and did eat up the two feathers under the wing that would have reigned.

2 Esdras 11:32

But this head put the whole earth in fear, and bare rule in it over all those that dwelt upon the earth with much oppression; and it had the governance of the world more than all the wings that had been.

2 Esdras 11:33

And after this I beheld, and, lo, the head that was in the midst suddenly appeared no more, like as the wings.

2 Esdras 11:34

But there remained the two heads, which also in like sort ruled upon the earth, and over those that dwelt therein.

2 Esdras 11:35

And I beheld, and, lo, the head upon the right side devoured it that was upon the left side.

2 Esdras 11:36

Then I head a voice, which said unto me, Look before thee, and consider the thing that thou seest.

2 Esdras 11:37

And I beheld, and lo, as it were a roaring lion chased out of the wood: and I saw that he sent out a man’s voice unto the eagle, and said,

2 Esdras 11:38

Hear thou, I will talk with thee, and the Highest shall say unto thee,

2 Esdras 11:39

Art not thou it that remainest of the four beasts, whom I made to reign in my world, that the end of their times might come through them?

2 Esdras 11:40

And the fourth came, and overcame all the beasts that were past, and had power over the world with great fearfulness, and over the whole compass of the earth with much wicked oppression; and so long time dwelt he upon the earth with deceit.

2 Esdras 11:41

For the earth hast thou not judged with truth.

2 Esdras 11:42

For thou hast afflicted the meek, thou hast hurt the peaceable, thou hast loved liars, and destroyed the dwellings of them that brought forth fruit, and hast cast down the walls of such as did thee no harm.

2 Esdras 11:43

Therefore is thy wrongful dealing come up unto the Highest, and thy pride unto the Mighty.

2 Esdras 11:44

The Highest also hath looked upon the proud times, and, behold, they are ended, and his abominations are fulfilled.

2 Esdras 11:45

And therefore appear no more, thou eagle, nor thy horrible wings, nor thy wicked feathers nor thy malicious heads, nor thy hurtful claws, nor all thy vain body:

2 Esdras 11:46

That all the earth may be refreshed, and may return, being delivered from thy violence, and that she may hope for the judgment and mercy of him that made


II Esdras 12, The “Interpretation”


2 Esdras 12:1

And it came to pass, while the lion {The lion represents the Messiah at the Judgment Day.} spake these words unto the eagle, I saw,

2 Esdras 12:2

And, behold, the head that remained and the four wings appeared no more, and the two went unto it and set themselves up to reign, and their kingdom was small, and fill of uproar.

{Keep this verse in mind, because it is overlooked by both Dr. Scott and James Trimm.}

2 Esdras 12:3

And I saw, and, behold, they appeared no more, and the whole body of the eagle was burnt so that the earth was in great fear: then awaked I out of the trouble and trance of my mind, and from great fear, and said unto my spirit,

2 Esdras 12:4

Lo, this hast thou done unto me, in that thou searchest out the ways of the Highest.

2 Esdras 12:5

Lo, yet am I weary in my mind, and very weak in my spirit; and little strength is there in me, for the great fear wherewith I was afflicted this night.

2 Esdras 12:6

Therefore will I now beseech the Highest, that he will comfort me unto the end.

2 Esdras 12:7

And I said, Lord that bearest rule, if I have found grace before thy sight, and if I am justified with thee before many others, and if my prayer indeed be come up before thy face;

2 Esdras 12:8

Comfort me then, and shew me thy servant the interpretation and the plain difference of this fearful vision, that thou mayest perfectly comfort my soul.

2 Esdras 12:9

For thou hast judged me worthy to shew me the last times.

{This tells us that the fulfillment of this vision will take us very close to the Judgment Day.}

2 Esdras 12:10

And he said unto me, This is the interpretation of the vision:

2 Esdras 12:11

The eagle, whom thou sawest come up from the sea, is the kingdom which was seen in the vision of thy brother Daniel.

{For a good analysis of the relationship between Daniel’s vision versus Ezra’s, see this item:

http://preterism.ning.com/forum/topics/a-comparison-of-the-fourth . Essentially the ten horns of Daniel are the Ten Horns of Revelation. In both cases, these are the Ten Nation-States that formed the second half of the Sixth Beast. These ten nations or tribes were the 1. Franks, 2. Huns, 3. Vandals, 4. Visigoths, 5. Ostrogoths, 6. Alans (and Sueves), 7. Burgundians, 8. Odoacer’s Italian kingdom of several tribes, 9. Saxons, 10. Lombards. This is a reference to nations/tribes that would eventually become the Holy Roman Empire. The “Little Horn” is the Papacy, which came to rule over these ten provinces/horns. From 800 AD to about 1800, the Popes crowned Europe’s Emperors. This practiced ended with Napoleon.}

2 Esdras 12:12

But it was not expounded unto him, therefore now I declare it unto thee.

{Ezra is being given more details which were not given to Daniel.}

2 Esdras 12:13

Behold, the days will come, that there shall rise up a kingdom upon earth, and it shall be feared above all the kingdoms that were before it. {I believe this is talking about the Holy Roman Empire, from which the twelve in Verse 14 sprang.}

2 Esdras 12:14

In the same shall twelve kings reign, one after another:

{This is not necessarily talking about the whole HRE. It is merely talking about the last twelve kings, which were part of the continuing Empire.}

2 Esdras 12:15

Whereof the second shall begin to reign, and shall have more time than any of the twelve.

2 Esdras 12:16

And this do the twelve wings signify, which thou sawest.

2 Esdras 12:17

As for the voice which thou heardest speak, and that thou sawest not to go out from the heads but from the midst of the body thereof, this is the interpretation:

2 Esdras 12:18

That after the time of that kingdom there shall arise great strivings, and it shall stand in peril of failing: nevertheless it shall not then fall, but shall be restored again to his beginning.

2 Esdras 12:19

And whereas thou sawest the eight small under feathers sticking to her wings, this is the interpretation:

2 Esdras 12:20

That in him there shall arise eight kings, whose times shall be but small, and their years swift.

2 Esdras 12:21

And two of them shall perish, the middle time approaching: four shall be kept until their end begin to approach: but two shall be kept unto the end.

2 Esdras 12:22

And whereas thou sawest three heads resting, this is the interpretation:

2 Esdras 12:23

In his last days shall the most High raise up three kingdoms, and renew many things therein,and they shall have the dominion of the earth,

{These three kingdoms, together, shall rule over the earth.}

2 Esdras 12:24

And of those that dwell therein, with much oppression, above all those that were before them: therefore are they called the heads of the eagle.

2 Esdras 12:25

For these are they that shall accomplish his wickedness, and that shall finish his last end.

{In other words, the succession of empires that began with Rome and its imitators will finally be brought to an end.}

2 Esdras 12:26

And whereas thou sawest that the great head appeared no more, it signifieth that one of them shall die upon his bed, and yet with pain.

2 Esdras 12:27

For the two that remain shall be slain with the sword.

2 Esdras 12:28

For the sword of the one shall devour the other: but at the last shall he fall through the sword himself.

2 Esdras 12:29

And whereas thou sawest two feathers under the wings passing over the head that is on the right side;

2 Esdras 12:30

It signifieth that these are they, whom the Highest hath kept unto their end: this is the small kingdom and full of trouble, as thou sawest.

{This small kingdom will be positively identified herein.}

2 Esdras 12:31

And the lion, whom thou sawest rising up out of the wood, and roaring, and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which thou hast heard;

2 Esdras 12:32

This is the anointed, which the Highest hath kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end: he shall reprove them, and shall upbraid them with their cruelty.

2 Esdras 12:33

For he shall set them before him alive in judgment, and shall rebuke them, and correct them.

2 Esdras 12:34

For the rest of my people shall he deliver with mercy, those that have been pressed upon my borders, and he shall make them joyful until the coming of the day of judgment, whereof I have spoken unto thee from the beginning.


Interpretation as per Dr. Eugene Scott:


My comments to Dr. Scott’s interpretation will be in [brackets]. – Eli.


Now let’s look at the last twelve kings of the Holy Roman Empire:

1 Francis 1637
2 Leopold I 1658
3 Joseph I 1705
4 Charles VI 1711
5 Charles VII 1742
6 Francis I 1745
7 Joseph II 1765
8 Leopold II 1790
9 Francis II 1792

10 William I 1871
11 Frederick III 1888
12 William II (Kaiser Wilhelm) 1888-1918

II Esdras Chapter 12:

17: As for the voice which you heard speak, and that you saw not to go out from the heads but from the midst of the body thereof, this is the interpretation:
18: And in the midst of the time of that kingdom there shall arise great strivings, and it shall stand in peril of failing: nevertheless it shall not then fall, but shall be restored again to his beginning.




Begin Reign

Reign years






Leopold I




Joseph I



Charles VI




Charles VII




Francis I




Joseph II




Leopold II




Francis II



10 ***

***William I



11 ***

***Frederick III


3 months

12 ***

***William II

(Kaiser Wilhelm)




The first nine of these HRE monarchs were crowned by the Pope. Note that Leopold I ruled much longer than any of the pre-Napoleon monarchs.[Fulfilling Verse 12:15. – Eli]

“Then I beheld, and, lo, in process of time the feathers that followed stood up upon the right side, that they might rule also; and some of them ruled, but within a while they appeared no more: For some of them were set up, but ruled not.” (2Esdras 11:20-21)


The Post-Napoleon Kaisers Were NOT Crowned By Any Pope.


Dr. Eugene Scott—“Medieval history shows a struggle to keep the empire alive. In the fifth century the Emperor abdicated and the ruler at Constantinople became the ruler of the whole empire from the eastern end of it. The struggles that tore Europe apart set the stage for Charlemagne and that attempt to preserve the Roman Empire in Medieval Europe via the phenomenon of the Holy Roman Empire where the pope crowned the king. And as you know Napoleon stole the pope; put him in prison…”

“And Napoleon crowned himself because there was no one to crown him but him.”

[This is not accurate. Pope Pius VII was set to crown Napoleon at a formal ceremony in Paris, but Napoleon would not oblige. From my article, “The 8th Beast of the Apocalypse”: “To demonstrate Rome’s power over all of Europe, the reigning Popes had crowned the kings and queens of the European monarchies for centuries. It was understood by the Catholic monarchs of Europe ruled by the authority of the Papacy. The crowning of the new emperor was an established rite, which was begun by Pope Leo III when he crowned Charlemagne in the year 800; and Napoleon, a thousand years later, was expected to adhere to this tradition. The site was the Cathedral of Notre Dame. As Pope Pius VII was preparing to crown him, Napoleon grabbed the crown from the Pope’s hands and crowned himself, thus signifying that he, and not the Papacy, was the true power.]

Dr. Scott—“Napoleon had to put his own wrinkle on it. But as Charlemagne formed the Holy Roman Empire, ultimately it breaks and separates from Rome; because the last three of these self-styled emperors never rule. They were not crowned by Rome, the pope. He refused to crown them. So of the twelve, the last three never rule.”

[Since Napoleon overthrew the Sixth Beast, Rome, Rome no longer existed as a kingdom, but future rulers, the post-Napoleon Kaisers of the Second Reich, will rule in the name of Rome. The next three Emperors ruled in the name of Caesar. Kaiser = Caesar.]

Dr. Scott—“You will find during these struggles in Europe the beginning of the secret societies of power behind the throne that continued to rule clear to the present day through fronts that they control with both mystical and economic power.”

Quoting from Hayden’s Dictionary of Dates, 1910:

“It will be noticed from the list that the second, Leopold I, actually did reign 17 years longer than the next longest, William II. Moreover, as none of the last three …..were crowned by the pope the requirements of the prophecy were met exactly because he had to reign twice as much as anybody else and if you take the three not crowned the prophecy is exactly fulfilled. Twice as long as any other crowned ruler.”

[It is more correct to say “nearly twice as long,” as Charles VI reigned 29 years and Joseph II reigned 25 years.]

“With the last of the twelve feathers when they had been gone—which occurred with the defeat of the Kaiser and the abdication at the end of the war, WWI, two things would take place. Eight small states, contrary feathers, would come into being, which I just read to you. Three new headswould appear on the body of the eagle. Herbert Wallace in the pamphlet mentioned above in this article observed that in order to identify these eight states the signature of the peace treaty June 1919 must be awaited…This guy wrote before 1919 and he said based on Esdras there had to be eight states. Who these eight states will be, we must await the signature of the peace treaty June 1919. And what if there’d been nine, or six? ……”

“Do you know who the states were? When the peace treaty was published, it was noticed that eight small independent states had appeared:

  1. Latvia
  2. Lithuania
  3. Estonia
  4. Poland
  5. Romania
  6. Czechoslovakia
  7. Yugoslavia
  8. Albania.

Now Esdras begins to look a little bit more convincing.”

“And after the twelve feathers, eight independent states; two shall perish (this is the middle time approaching). Four shall be kept until their end began to approach. Two shall be kept until the end. Now we know where to look for the two out of the eight. We’re closer to the two little wings than we were. Two shall perish; four shall be kept until their end begins to approach…”

[History has witnessed the fall of two of the above kingdoms: Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The two most likely to survive until the Judgment Day would be, in my opinion, Poland and Romania. Albania and Poland have eagle emblems, but Lithuania has a mounted knight as its State Emblem. Latvia’s emblem includes a lion and a griffin, but no eagle. Estonia has a shield with three lions. Czechoslovakia split up into two nations in 1993: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The combined emblem, from 1918 to 1993, was two eagles and two lions. Yugoslavia’s state emblem was a double-headed eagle. In the 1990’s Yugoslavia split up into several autonomous states: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, with Kosovo still in dispute. The national symbol of Romania is a golden eagle. So, three of the eight underfeather states lack eagle symbolism.

The rest of Dr. Scott’s analysis also begins to break down, because he tries to limit the interpretation of the next elements of the vision to those nations, which had/have eagles in their national emblems; but not all of the underfeather nations had eagle emblems, so this interpretive method has already been violated by three of the eight underfeathers. I include the rest of Dr. Scott’s analysis here for your inspection; and I will continue to insert my own comments. There are five elements yet to be identified: the two small feathers and the three heads. Part of the problem in interpretation, for most of the interpreters of this vision, is that they try to limit themselves to kingdoms that have an eagle as the national insignia. For this reason, both Scott and Trimm try to insert Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy into the vision. These two nations actually opposed the power of the Three Heads, as we will soon see.]

“Not only were these eight states to occur, it was prophesied three new heads were to rise; the outgrowth of the old Roman eagle.” [Technically, these heads are not “new.” They are part of the original image. Dr. Scott is forgetting about this. – Eli]

Mussolini the center one, suddenly rises up to revive the ancient Roman Empire with his emblem of the eagle. The Kaiser had laid the ground work and under demon power Hitler raised up the Third Reich, the Kaiser of the head on the left, German for Caesar, and with the abdication of the eastern Constantinople Empire falling, one of the Ivans of Russia who had married a cousin of Caesar moves it north and the next Ivan is called the Czar, the head on the right communism, fascism on the other side.”

[Dr. Scott has one of the movements correct: Communism. It is odd that he puts communism on the right and fascism on the left! – Eli]

The one in the center the prophecy said will die in his bed. From the tip of the boot including Sicily through Italy the allied troops devastated that land. To destroy Mussolini’s fascism in the heart linked by the way to the Roman church for its own survival knowing whoever rules Italy encroaches on their Vatican state.”

[This symbolism doesn’t work either, because, to me, dying in one’s bed means dying peacefully, or at least not during a military invasion. Mussolini’s empire died fighting against the Allies. Dr. Scott admits that Italy was “devastated.” This is NOT dying in one’s bed!]

“The second head, Kaiser, resurrected in Hitler’s Third Reich with the eagle still there in the swastika with its head looking the different direction than the American eagle which is a different kind or species of eagle. These are the vulture group. Eaten up by the Russian troops and, as Esdras said, the final head. You know the eagle symbol of the Austrian Prussian Empire, the two headed eagle with the crown of the pope resting on it,except that crown was not given to the last three of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. And the resurrection we’ve seen in our day of the final three headed eagle; the center one dying in his bed with pain ravaging the country. The second, the western king Hitler and the Third Reich being literally eaten up and dying by the sword as Russia charges in and takes a great portion of the German Empire, Czechoslovakia, east Germany, and that last head.”

[In my opinion, Dr. Scott’s analysis breaks down for the reasons cited in my previous comments. His analysis is old school, teaching that Russia is the Gog and Magog of Ezekiel. Rand, Comparet and Swift also taught this, but I have shown that this judgment was premature. {See “Who Is Gog?” http://anglo-saxonisrael.com/blog/?p=97 } Zionism, which was BORN in the Jewish Pale of Russia (old Khazaria), of the Talmudic rabbis, is Gog (the SynaGOGue of Satan) and Magog means those nations which are allied with Zionism in these End Times. Of these, Red China is the #1 threat to world peace, not Russia. The Israelis have been building up communist China since Nixon opened trade with China in 1972. In 1952, Taiwan was booted from the Olympic Games in favor of Red China, a move which can only be explained by the secret machinations of the Illuminati, in their ongoing communization of the world via the United Nations Organization. The Israelis have been providing China with free and/or cheap military technology since the early 1980’s, even stealing technology from us, using spies like Jonathan Pollard, and giving it to China, for the inevitable Battle of Armageddon. Once the Rothschilds have completely bankrupted America, we will be given the final ultimatum: Give up your sovereignty or else. The American people will then have to face the proposition of replacing the US Constitution with the communist UN Charter. The Rothschilds created Red China during WWII by using subversives, such as Vinegar Joe Stillwell and George Catlett Marshall, to divert supplies intended for Chang Kai-Shek to Mao Tse Tung and Chou En Lai. Red China is simply part of the Illuminati’s New World Order.

For the details about this betrayal of Western Civilization to International Communism, you must read America’s Retreat From Victory, by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. This website gives details about McCarthy versus the Jews in the Roosevelt/Truman White House:http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-communists-joe-mccarthy-and-the-jews.html .

Gog and Magog are Talmudic Zionism and Talmudic communism, both international movements founded and funded by the Rothschilds. Gog means to destroy America, because we are a Christian nation. This is why the international bankers have been bleeding us dry, economically. They have to weaken us to the point of starvation, in order to guarantee a military victory when they eventually order the Chinese to invade America. The Rothschilds are weakening America through constant moral depravity, coming from their educational and entertainment corporations, constant warfare, and a constantly growing ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government). Three world wars were foreseen by Albert Pike in 1871. Since Albert Pike was the chief of the Illuminati, Freemasonry and the Ku Klux Klan, all at the same time, he was privy to information available to no other person. The third phase of his prophecy also dovetails with George Washington’s Vision at Valley Forge, so we have a lot of prophetic information coming together to tell us what is about to happen. Here is the link to George Washington’s vision on our site:


I will quote the rest of Dr. Scott’s analysis before giving my own interpretation. – Eli]

“Why didn’t history write it differently? Why didn’t Russia get defeated? [The Soviet Union DID get defeated, but NOT world communism! The Communist International is still in full swing. Its tactics have merely changed to gradualistic socialism, instead of open warfare with the West. Western Civilization is being swamped with Big Government. This is the relentless march of socialism towards communism, financed by Zionism. Russia, under Putin, having rejected communism, is still trying to throw off its Zionist yoke (the oligarchs). – Eli] And the western head outlived the eastern head. Why didn’t Germany get defeated before Mussolini? This guy lucks out. The middle one dies first in his bed. The second one is gobbled up by the eastern head and it with some of these wings is the evil remaining head to be destroyed by the lion.”

“I need only go to Exodus 17 and to Ezekiel 38&39; the great Russian chapters there called of scripture. Where the resurrection and realization of lost Israel joined with Judah becomes center stage bait for God to bring it to an end. And that final expression of the eastern head of the eagle is to say arise and let us take a spoil. A man comes out of the sea, none other than Christ in Esdras prophecy with that vast host that Esdras says; this is why I laid the foundation so detailed, if he is so right about everything else. It is Esdras that says the ten tribes rather than returning to Israel took council among themselves and in a year and a half went through the head waters of the Euphrates to a section to the north Arsareth, where they could follow their own laws. “

“And out of the west it says they will come behind that great man that will come. As the lion in the first figure, the lion of the tribe of Judah and as the man who comes out with a host behind him that are the ten tribes that went through those Caucasus Mountains which settled northwestern Europe. To execute in that final battle of Armageddon his rule over this earth and usher in the millennial reign of Our Lord.”

[Here, Dr. Scott shows a glimmering awareness of the Identity message, but his analysis is woefully inadequate, because he incorrectly identifies the Three Heads; and most interpreters of this vision fail to address the “little feather full of trouble.” What kingdom is that? There is no way that Mussolini’s Italy can be said to have died in its bed. There is only one kingdom that qualifies for this honor: Great Britain.

The British Empire was great until after World War II. Having been forced by the Rothschilds to fight against Russia (Crimean War), India, China (Boxer Rebellion), the Boers, Germany, and Germany again, Great Britain expended its wealth and people on imperialism. And, now, Britain is in a fight for its sovereign life, dying in its own bed of corruption. (But I expect true Israelite nations to be redeemed after the Second Coming.) Britain was the first of three heads to awaken, because “the sun never set on the British Empire.” British soil was never invaded during the Empire days, although Hitler sent a few V2 rockets across the English Channel. The only “invasion” of Britain in the modern era is the current “invasion” of immigrants, who are destroying the religion and culture of Britain as we speak. The “glory days” are over.

The head on the left has to be the Soviet Union, created in 1917, which was the communist empire created by the Rothschilds and world Jewry. The Soviet Empire was much larger than Nazi Germany, extending from Western Germany all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The head on the right is the American Empire that has also been created by the Zionists. This empire was formally inaugurated in 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. What most people do not understand is that all three of these heads are controlled by the 8th Beast, Mystery Babylon. All three of these heads existed when the last Hapsburg, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, abdicated, so there is no time gap between them, as there is between 1918 and Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. And, as history proved, Hitler and Mussolini were no match for these three empires (Soviet Union, British Empire, American Empire). We must also be aware that these three empires never did and do not now represent the people who are subject to these empires. In each case, we are dealing with formerly Christian nations that have become Judaized by the 8th Beast. All of these nations, and many others, teach the religion of Shoaism (holocaust worship). Anyone who does not believe in the Shoa is officially condemned and harassed in all of these nations.

Even the Catholic Church has become Judaized by the 8th Beast. Islam has also become Judaized, as the Wahhabi affair proves. (See below.) The Rothschilds have secretly funded the radicalization of Islam, in order to bring about the current ideological war between Islam and the Christian West. This is borne out by Albert Pike’s prophecy of three world wars as well. This radicalization (atheism, agnosticism, communism) had already begun in Pike’s time; and he was obviously well aware of it.]

“I hate to see Esdras, Ezra his Old Testament name, thrown out… What’s that woman in Washington, Jean Dixon? She could hope to luck out that much.”

“The proof of a prophet is in what they say. I’m ready to preach and I’m out of time. I just got to the starting point.”

“Who came against Israel in Exodus 17 and defied their place of rest where the gospel typified as poured forth from the stricken rock? Amelek; who’s Amelek? Descendents of Esau. That red brother of Jacob that enmity was between which in the New Testament God says ‘I hate Esau, Jacob I love’. Who are these Amelekites? Descendents of Esau, and God says in Exodus 17, I will put enmity, and there will be war from generation to generation until Amelek is totally wiped out. Why do you think God was so hard on Saul? He wouldn’t obey him and blot them all out. Where are these Idumaeans? Esau, Amelekites, they become the great kingdom of Edom. And when the Jews [Sic: Israelites. Dr. Scott doesn’t realize that the Jews are actually the Edomites/Amelekites. The Jews have trained us well in making this false identification. – Eli] were carried into bondage the Edomites laughed and mocked and gloated as they ran to the hills to hide they would rat on them. Tell them where they hid and go into Jerusalem and loot it until one of the Psalms warns in the last days what will happen to them. Those Edomians, when they [the Israelites] came back from bondage living in the area, were assimilated and left a part of the Jewish nation as part of their tolerance. It was an Edomian, Herod, of the line of Esau that issued the edict to kill the boys, that posed a threat to the birth of Jesus. As Satan still works through this Edomian, Edomite, Amalikite, Esau root of peoples that have flowed through the stream of history. I don’t have time to trace them today but it’s no accident that Russia becomes that great red threat as Idumaeans can be traced into central Asia to dominate the power centers of modern Russia. [Yes! They are today known as the Ahkenazi Jews!!! That is where Zionism and communism came from!!! Boy! What a shame Dr. Scott didn’t make this topic a main part of his lecture!!! I have never heard anyone outside of Identity even bring up this subject!!! – Eli] And the age old battle between the one that God hates, Esau, and the one that God loves, Jacob, will culminate as both the ten tribes and the Jew [Sic. House of Judah. – Eli] realizing who they are from Ezekiel 37 and bound together as one become threatened again by that ancient enemy the Amelekites. And once for all that red threat will turn to blood to the bridles of the horses as the lion of the tribe of Judah with behind him the saints – we’ll be part of that band – execute vengeance once for all, on that whole worthless body of the eagle….”

This concludes the transcript of Dr. Scott’s lecture on the Three Heads. Now, I will give you my interpretation of the final five elements of the vision, because we are living in the days of these five symbols.


Albert Pike’s Prophecy of Three World Wars


Here are the three world wars predicted by Albert Pike in a letter to Mazzini, written in 1871:

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time. – http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm

Pike’s prediction is absolutely uncanny but understandable, given the fact that, at that time, Albert Pike was the official head of the Illuminati and World Freemasonry. In this position, he would have been privy to the Rothschilds’ plans for world domination, via the overthrow of Christian Civilization. Mainstream Christianity has been enlisted to fight for the Zionist cause against Islam; and that fulfills Pike’s prophecy.

Understanding the three phases of the Rothschild plan to establish their New World Order, we can see that 9/11 was the official trigger of the internationally staged battle between Islam and the West, although this planned war has been in the works for nearly two centuries.

For those who still doubt the existence of the Illuminati, here are some quotations: In 1773 Professor Adam Weishaupt, who had probably been a Jesuit priest, became a Satanist and founded a secret society, the “Illuminati.” Weishaupt had been initiated into an ancient esoteric order by one, Kolmer, who had come from the East. He adopted the ancient Chaldean sign “O” as the symbol of his organization. The symbol among theancient Chaldeans was the Zoro-Ashta. (See Chapter Two) The purpose of Weishaupt’s secret movement was to bring the complete destruction of Western Christian Society. He intended to destroy social authority; nationality and religion, to abolish the holding of private property, to plan social and political reform and to reorganize society as subordinate to a Master Race.  – From “The Annihilation of Man” by Kenneth R. McKilliam.

Also, Weishaupt’s code name, as an Illuminatus, was Spartacus. The Marxist Sparticist League, takes its name from Adam Weishaupt’s code name.

 Writing of this Illuminati sect in 1797, The Abbe Barruel wrote:

In the desires of a terrible and formidable sect you have only reached the first stages of the plans it has formed for that general revolution which is to overthrow all thrones, all altars, annihilate all property, efface all law and end by dissolving all society.” (History of Jacobinism.) The Jacobins were the Jewish banker/Freemasons who concocted and financed the French Revolution, communism, fascism, Zionism and “democracy.” America is a Republic, not a Democracy. Democracies always fail because of the corruption of a banker-controlled central government.

If you go to this website www.itanimulli.org (Illuminati spelled backwards), you will be taken to the website of the National Security Agency, which is also a Rothschild puppet, as are the CIA, FBI, and all of our other “American” institutions, civilian and military. Anyone who doubts that Mystery Babylon has completely taken over America is either ignorant or insincere.

As David Livingstone states, in his fine article, entitled, Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State:

The West and Islam have had a long era of compatibility, but this history has been denied to foster the myth of a “Clash of Civilizations.” In order to inflame the sentiments of the West against Islam, our attention has been focused on the specter of fanatical Wahhabism, and more specifically, its most notorious exponent, Osama bin Laden. However, as outlined in an excellent article by Peter Goodgame, The Globalists and the Islamists,the Globalists have had a hand in shaping and financing all the terrorist organizations of the twentieth century, including the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Hamas of Palestine and the Afghan Mujahideen. But the history of their duplicity dates farther back still, to the 18th Century, when British Freemasons created the Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia itself, to further their imperialistic objectives.

That a British spy by the name of Hempher was responsible for shaping of the extreme tenets of Wahhabism was mentioned in a Turkish work,Mir’at al-Haramain, by Ayyub Sabri Pasha between 1933-1938. British policy in its colonies often involved the creation of deviant sects, in order to Divide and Conquer, as was the case with the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam in India in the nineteenth century.

The details of this conspiracy are outlined in a little known document by the name of The Memoirs of Mr. Hempher published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel, and later in a prominent French paper. A Lebanese doctor translated the document to the Arabic language and from there on it was translated to English and other languages.

The document is a first-hand account by Hempher of his mission for his government, which sent him to the Middle East to discover ways to undermine the Ottoman Empire. Among the vices the British were to promote were racism and nationalism, alcohol, gambling, fornication and tempting Muslim women to uncover themselves.

But most important was the strategy to “insert heresies into Muslims’ creedal tenets and then criticize Islam for being a religion of terror.” To this purpose, Hempher located a particularly corrupt individual by the name of Mohammed Ibn Adbul Wahhab. To understand the brand of fanaticism that Wahhabism inculcated, it is first necessary to recognize that Islam called upon all Muslims, regardless of their race or nationality, to see themselves as brothers in faith. The killing of another Muslim was strictly forbidden.

However, as part of their strategy of Divide and Conquer, the British hoped to pit the Arab Muslims against their Turkish brothers. The only way to do so was to find a loophole in Islamic law whereby the Arabs could declare the Turks as apostates.

Abdul Wahhab was the instrument by which the British were able to insinuate this vile idea into the Muslims of the Arabian Peninsula. Basically, Wahhab contrived the idea that, simply by the trivial act of offering prayers to saints, their Turkish brethren had forfeited their faith, and therefore, that it was permitted to kill all who refused to adhere to his reforms, and to enslave their women and children. But that included the entire Muslim world, except for his small misguided band of followers. – http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=2757

The Christian Zionists and the Islamic Jihadists have no idea that they have been maneuvered into this position by the Jews. It’s the Christian Zionists versus the Islamic Jihadists, with the Talmudic Zionists selling weapons to both sides! In the West, this anti-Islam crusade is disguised as “the war on terror,” with all of its deceitful rhetoric against Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Iran. Obamination is their formerly pseudo-Christian, now pseudo-Islamic Jew shabez goy (lackey). Conversely, the militant Islamists refer to America as “the Great Satan.This animosity has been completely engineered by the House of Rothschild over the last 200 years. Saudi Arabia, controlled by the crypto-Jewish Saudi royal family, is actually working for the other side, funding and agitating militant Islam against the West, while selling oil to both sides! The Bush family (“Christian,” but really Zionist) has been closely connected with the Bin-Laden family (“Islamist,” but really crypto-Jewish) for many decades, having many business dealings in common. Osama, though he died in December of 2001, is still being propped up as a fearsome bogeyman by the Zionist press, keeping a terrified world in fear of a dead man. So, we can see that this Orwellian charade is being orchestrated from the board rooms of the international bankers, media barons, and oil barons (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Saudis, Bin-Ladens). And you thought that the bankers and oil sheiks were enemies! Silly you! You may also recall that the “Islamic terrorists” who were identified as being part of the cadre of 9/11 operatives were NOT Iraqis, as falsely reported by the Kosher Press Club. They turned out to be Saudi nationals! Now you know why!


“Times of the Gentiles”


One of the most misunderstood verses of Scripture is Luke 21:24:

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

First of all, in both the Hebrew (goy) and Greek (ethnos), the best translation is “nation.” The Latin, ‘Gentilis” actually means “kinsmen, or people of the same race or nation.” Hence, the self-serving Jewish definition of “Gentile” as meaning “non-Jewish people,” is pure fabrication. The Jews have trained us to accept their phony definition, which is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what the word means in Latin. The fact is that you will NOT find the expression, non-Jew, anywhere in the Bible, even in the translations. How is it possible that the most commonly understood “definition” is never once found in the Scriptures? The answer is very simple: the word never meant any such thing, until the Jews invented this definition and force-fed it to the goyim. They have trained us to call ourselves “Gentiles.” The fact that this modern definition is never used in Scripture is proof that neither goy nor ethnos ever meant any such thing. It is part of the ongoing Jewish distortion of the Scriptures, including Scofield’s Reference Bible and the teachings of the Zionist televangelists, which are designed to deceive the world into believing that the Jews are Israelites. Read Rev. 2:9, 3:9 and 12:9 to find out who the Jews really are!

So, the CORRECT translation of Luke 21:24 is,

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the nations, until the times of the nations be fulfilled. [At present, Jerusalem is trodden down by the EDOMITE/KHAZAR nation, as Zionism has always been funded and promoted by the Edomite/Khazar House of Rothschild, who do not have a drop of Israelite blood flowing in their veins! Rev. 12:9 clearly states that this “beast” will deceive the whole world. – Eli]

The TRUE meaning of Luke 21:24 is that the sovereign nation-states of the earth will be replaced by a One World Government. This has actually taken place already, but few people have noticed. Most nation-states are subservient to the United Nations Organization, i.e., “global governance.” The United Nations is another Rothschild front.

When Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicated in 1918, world power was officially transferred from the old monarchic system to International Finance Capitalism and communism. The Illuminati, Freemasons, and other Rothschild fronts were elated. They had been working for the overthrow of Catholic, monarchic Europe, for nearly 150 years. This had been the Rothschild plan all along.

Here is Kaiser Wilhelm II’s abdication statement, for the record:

I herewith renounce for all time claims to the throne of Prussia and to the German Imperial throne connected therewith.  At the same time I release all officials of the German Empire and of Prussia, as well as all officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the navy and of the Prussian army, as well as the troops of the federated states of Germany, from the oath of fidelity which they tendered to me as their Emperor, King and Commander-in-Chief.  I expect of them that until the re-establishment of order in the German Empire they shall render assistance to those in actual power in Germany, in protecting the German people from the threatening dangers of anarchy, famine, and foreign rule.

Proclaimed under our own hand and with the imperial seal attached.

Amerongen, 28 November, 1918


With power now firmly in the hands of the Rothschilds and their puppet states, the British Empire, Soviet Russia and the American Empire, the era of globalism had officially begun.

I have already identified Great Britain as the Center Head. (I wish to fervently stress that I do not mean either the British Crown or the British people. I mean the British EMPIRE, which is actually Jewish in its nature and operation. The same goes for the other two Heads.) Britain is losing its sovereignty as we speak, with its subsumation under the European Union being imminent. Whatever sovereignty Britain has had in the last four hundred years has been completely controlled by Jewish bankers, ever since the Bank of England was formed in 1694. The Bank of England has dominated Britain’s political and economic life just as the Federal Reserve Bank has dominated America’s political and economic life. And we can fully expect that the American Empire will end in a similar fate, as all three heads will fall to the two little feathers. And this is the purpose of the Illuminati’s plan for World War Three, which the Bible calls the Battle of Armageddon.

Both Dr. Scott and Mr. James Scott Trimm fail to address the identity of the “small nation, full of trouble.” I’m sure that many of you have already figured out what nation that is, if only from this brief description. Let me quote Howard B. Rand on this subject:

The Israeli State in Palestine is this ‘small kingdom, full of trouble,” and the Zionists in control there did “pass over the head” of Communist Russia during the six-day Arab-Israeli war in June 1967, for the Arabs were supported by the Communists, at least in supplying arms and ammunition.” – Armageddon: Rendezvous With Destiny,” p. 34.

Of course, the intrigues of the Zionists go far deeper than any of these representations of the feathers and heads of Esdras’ Three-Headed Eagle vision. No one can understand modern history without a thorough understanding of the treacherous dealings of the House of Rothschild, which is also the 8th Beast and Mystery Babylon of the Apocalypse. For a thorough understanding of how this beast came into being and how it operates, please see my groundbreaking article, “The 8th Beast of the Apocalypse.” http://www.anglo-saxonisrael.com/docProph/apocalypse2.html .

Keeping all of these things in mind, I identify the last three heads as 1.) Center: the British Empire, 2.) The Soviet Empire, the head on the Left, which was devoured by 3.) the Head on the Right, the American Empire, during the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan delivered on his promise to bring down the “Evil Empire,” and he did; but the Zionists (“oligarchs”) still hold far too much influence in Russia.

Here are Three Heads in Teheran in 1943:



Franklin D. Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill in Teheran, Iran (November 29, 1943).


Here they are at Yalta in 1945:





All three of these leaders, although openly thought to be representing their own nations, were, in fact, rabidly pro-Zionist and pro-Communist. Of the three, Stalin was the least disposed toward Zionism. Churchill was the least disposed toward communism. Roosevelt was adamantly in favor of both and did everything in his career as a politician to further the aims of the world Zionist conspiracy. He never once opposed the wishes of the internationalist banker communists. It was the mutual agreements of these three heads, at Teheran and Yalta, that turned Eastern Europe over to communism and paved the way for the Zionists to militarily occupy Palestine, while Zionism was insidiously churning out propaganda to brainwash Christians into becoming pro-Zionist. During WWII, Stalin’s empire could only make war against the free world thanks to Roosevelt’s “Lend-Lease” program. General Patton, knowing this, wanted to annihilate the Red Army, because he knew that the communists had neither their own industry nor supplies. These had all been provided to the Reds by Roosevelt and Churchill and their Jewish bankers.


The Last Two Feathers


That leaves the two feathers that passed over the Right Head, America. The language of Esdras 12:29 treats these two feathers as if they are only one nation. Let’s read these two verses again:

And whereas thou sawest two feathers under the wings passing over the head that is on the right side;

It signifieth that these are they, whom the Highest hath kept unto their end: this is the small kingdom and full of trouble, as thou sawest.

We have already identified the small nation of Pseudo-Israel as one of the feathers. What is this other feather? Since all of the Heads are directly controlled by the Zionists, the other mysterious feather can only be another entity controlled by the House of Rothschild. There is only one power that qualifies: the United Nations Organization. It is actually a very small entity, but its global power is enormous, thanks to the fact that the nations of the world have agreed to give it dominion – determined again, by the power of international Zionist mafia! It was Zionism’s League of Nations that created the 8 underfeather nations. Even before WWI, the Zionist bankers controlled all three Heads. WWII resulted in the UN, which was a major goal of the House of Rothschild since 1815! The UN, in turn, created the Israeli State. The UN and the Israeli State are a package deal, both being vital strategic entities of the Anti-Christ. The UN actually CREATED the Israeli State by Resolution 181, on November 29, 1947. When it comes to the Israeli State, the UN is a paper tiger. When free nations are subjected to the police state tactics of the United Nations Organization, globalism and communism always win! The UN has never had any other goal but the destruction of Western Civilization. It talks peace but makes war against the Free World. The UN has routinely used the power of its three banking units, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund, to manipulate and control nations and the globe. It is simply amazing that otherwise intelligent people never question the legitimacy of this perpetually corrupt, undemocratic, non-representative, tyrannical, dictatorial, anti-Christ organization! But it has all of the APPEARANCE of a representative organization, which it most definitely IS NOT!

The House of Rothschild had been working to create a One World Government since 1815, when the Congress of Vienna gave them the idea. The League of Nations almost succeeded, but the Republican Party refused to endorse the idea. Without the support of America, the League of Nations collapsed. Since Zionism and the Israeli State are inseparable, it is likely that the UN is the mysterious second feather, and it is obvious that the Bandit State, Pseudo-Israel, is the other feather, “the small nation, full of trouble.” These words describe the Israeli State to a T, as that country has not seen one moment’s peace, since its creation.




Now, the final and most important aspect of this entire vision is what happens after all of the elements of the Three-Headed Eagle vision are destroyed. In my opinion, there is no doubt that this means that, as foreseen in George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge, the REAL AMERICA will break free of its Zionist shackles and smash the power of the Talmudists and Zionists, once and for all. The 8th Beast (the world empire of merchants) and the False Prophet (Zionist-controlled religion) will be cast into the lake of Fire; and the Dragon, Satan himself, will follow shortly after.



The Great Seal of the United States is totally based on Israelite symbolism, as America is the regathering of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, which had Thirteen Tribes the day that Jacob adopted Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, as his own. The original Thirteen Colonies represent the original Thirteen Tribes. The heraldry of all European nations is based on these Israelite symbols, as this website explains:http://www.asis.com/users/stag/seal.html .

According to the Ku Klux Klan, which emerged as a result of the Civil War, the Battle Flag of the Confederacy is also an Israelite symbol, the crossed bars representing the crossed arms of Jacob, as he held them over Ephraim and Manasseh, as he blessed them; and the thirteen stars represent the thirteen tribes, with Levi, the priestly tribe, in the center.


George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge clearly foresees a great battle being fought on America’s soil. That battle has already begun. As the Bible puts it: “When the enemy shall come in as a flood,” meaning the flood of illegal aliens that world Jewry has invited into our nation in order to destroy us, then a great battle will take place! Unless you have been sleepwalking, all the signs of this Final Conflict are very apparent. Jewry’s (Esau’s) plan for world dominion will fail, because Yahweh guarantees that His Remnant will prevail.

Then will Yahweh’s Kingdom be restored to planet Earth and Adam and Eve’s sin overcome. Here are the words of Esdras once again:

And the lion, whom thou sawest rising up out of the wood, and roaring, and speaking to the eagle, andrebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which thou hast heard;

This is the anointed, which the Highest hath kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end: he shall reprove them, and shall upbraid them with their cruelty.

For he shall set them before him alive in judgment, and shall rebuke them, and correct them.

For the rest of my people shall he deliver with mercy, those that have been pressed upon my borders, and he shall make them joyful until the coming of the day of judgment, whereof I have spoken unto thee from the beginning.


We can see that this Conflict of the Ages is about to come to its apocalyptic conclusion. The Battle of Armageddon awaits us all. Prepare yourselves! Come quickly, Lord Yahshua!