Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.16.03 PMCould there be vaccines in these aerosols?

Dr. Steven Amato,, will be the featured guest next Saturday. He and Pastor Eli James will tackle the thorny, diabolical vaccine hoax that’s being perpetrated on the Western world by corrupt governments. Recall the controversy surrounding the vaccine Tamiflu, developed by Gilead Sciences, who sold rights to market and sell the drug to Swiss Pharmaceutical giant, Roche Laboratories.  Donald Rumsfeld was president and CEO of Gilead back then, and Tamiflu featured a novel delivery system using a nasal spray. It’s reported Rumsfeld made between 5 and 25 million on that deal. The US government under the Bush ll administration, purchased 80 million doses at a cost of $2 billion during the so called ‘avian flu’ hoax. It’s likely that big Pharma is covertly participating in the delivery of vaccine’s via the chem-trail aerosols being sprayed on populations around the globe as part of the culling of our planet’s inhabitants.

Disease is big business, while drugs are a hoax, backed by the placebo effect, junk science, the power of media mind-control, and a corrupt, out of control shadow government. Desperation is when state and federal government’s start mandating vaccinations against the public will. We are clearly living an Orwellian bad dream. If you want proof, look at the two leading candidates for the highest public office on the planet… Clinton and Trump – two of the most tyrannical personalities to ever appear before a camera.

Reason has given way to treason, common sense to chaos. From the executive, to congress, to the courts, to the vatican – deception and deceit rule the day and night. Find out ways you can protect yourself from this runaway freight train of death and destruction. Tune in Saturday, May 21st.