The Jews and their Ways — by Ellie Katsnelson
Posted on August 3, 2014 by Montecristo

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Ellie Katsnelson (aka Madame Rothschild)

Introductory Note By Editor

Nothing is known about Ellie Katsnelson (pictured) beyond what she has already told us about herself, and therefore all theories about this mysterious individual amount to no more than idle speculation. She claims to be an estranged member of the Rothschild family, fabulously rich and cosmopolitan, but she could equally well be a talented literary hoaxer or con artist.

Madame Rothschild — for we shall give her the benefit of the doubt and call her by the name she claims as her own — has offered fantastic sums of money to my cousin Lasha Darkmoon, having more money than she knows what to do with, but Lasha has turned down all such tempting offers for reasons of her own which she wishes to keep strictly private.

If we publish Ms Katsnelson’s work here, it is only because she is a fascinating character with something to say — something, in her own words, of world-shattering importance telling of apocalyptic events soon to come.

On Madame Rothschild’s strict instructions, we are forbidden to edit her work or tamper with it in the slightest way. If Ms Darkmoon should dare to shorten Madame’s long paragraphs or her interminably long sentences with their profusion of subordinate clauses and commas, Madame’s faceless agents will track down Ms Darkmoon to her secluded cottage on Dartmoor, in the county of Devon, England, and give her a damn good thrashing. So I am given to understand by my sensitive and highly imaginative young cousin.

So be it, Madame! We are not willing to take any risks. So here is your brilliant essay, unedited, exactly as you wrote it.

— John Scott Montecristo, Editor

The Jews and their Ways
. . . by Ellie Katsnelson


THE ETERNAL JEW (Anti-Semitic cartoon, c, 1938)

There are races in the world, like the Chewas, the Ovimbundus, the Zandes and many others in the former Sahelian Kingdoms of Africa, whose affinity of blood proscribes any racial mixing by their members, and whose stern natural racial laws equally prohibit any other transgression of their racial jurisdiction, and this without the good members of the said races having not so much as an inkling, let alone a knowledge, of what great impulse it was that set such severe injunctions in motion in the first place.

It might be imagined, as well as claimed, that they are the only races in the world who suffer under such seemingly cumbersome restrictions, but alas, this is not the case; for our sad world, which for four-thousand long years has struggled to maintain but a constant shaft of light, also contains yet another and different race, infinitely more malevolent and evil than The Chewas, and the Ovimbundus and all the Zandes put together, who also regard other races as inferior, though with them their hatred of others comes with powerful and as yet unheard of attractions, such as wanton murder, brutal rape, wholesale burning and outright theft. We speak, of course, of the Jews, and it is with the brief description of this awful race that we must now necessarily busy ourselves.

Of course, it will be charged by the modern critic and by those who are better acquainted with this unloved race, that any conclusion that we may draw herein will be not only wrong but also hateful and even anti-Semitic, but sadly, but a quick review of the ongoing events in Gaza will force their reluctant condescension to our view, and will make them accept our own conclusions as authentic and true, since however hard the Jews and their cohorts may attempt to conceal their heinous crimes from the common eyes, it cannot be denied, though it may be attempted, that if we examine the chronicles of crimes and misdeeds of the world, it becomes more than apparent that none has the Devil honoured more with his name than the Jews. Other races have, to be sure, in time placed themselves in similar horrid scales of murder, but none has done it with such gleeful and horrid relish as the Jews have; this painful exclusivity, fanatically maintained, but falsely denied by them, has been withheld from every other human species, since the Jews alone seem to have been ”blessed” with this dark distinction, or is it consolation? and it seems that murder to them really is what bread is to a man, and that it is no more possible for them to survive without killing, than it is possible for man to survive without eating.

The spiritual and mental excrescences which plague the Jews really are numberless, and countless productions of literature have arisen, both in our times and before our times, which have attempted to enumerate and explain these awful Judaic abnormalities; but if the limitations of space herein kindly provided forcefully confines one to the analysis of just a few of their mental and spiritual putrefactions, one instantaneously elects to speak of those characteristics and traits which have made the Jewish race world infamous, namely, Jewish Tears, Jewish Destructions, and, of course, Jewish Depravity, and it is with the first of these sad infelicities that we now begin our sketch.


Because tears lend human credit, it is not uncommon for the opportunistic weaklings who produce them to make use of them on every occasion, and if for reasons of State policy it is required by such cowards that tears be shed in torrential quantities, so much the better, since nothing more peculiarly exposes the weaknesses of others than the sight of a man with moist cheeks. Now, such sad productions of nature, which on occasion may even extend to the philosopher, do tend to decrease the enjoyment of life, and it is not uncommon for man to bewail such feelings with even more tears, but with the Jews, whose false lachrymal productions, having by long centuries of shedding been turned into a form of art, have managed to shape not only the opinion of others of them, but also the purpose of the world itself; for the unbounded compassion, as well as the material gifts bestowed upon them by the world on account of their tears, have forced it to feel shame for its own imaginary indignities, and thus have facilitated the Jews’ own diabolic visitations upon the world, visitations which, if honestly observed, and faithfully communicated, are more decaying that anything that nature herself may visit upon man. This passion for weeping, if well employed, with time becomes a mechanical performance, masterfully impressed, and if profitable, seldom is the shedder of such false tears willing to change anything that may affect his profit, since such a coward would reason that any other fair dealing wherewith he may enter into honourable engagement with other men, may actually be prejudicial and detrimental to his own interests, and thus on account of such unsuitable demands, he will exert them the more frequently the more easily they are believed. But weeping, being a feminine passion, ought to be assiduously evaded, since nothing enervates the body more inwardly, or shames the mind more outwardly, than them. But what do Jews know abut shame, eh? Listen to this. Elie Wiesel, when asked to recount his horrible, horrible escape from the infamous camp that was Buchenwald, told his gullible American hearers how he, the intrepid Elie, being pursued by two Nazi monsters, actually hid in a sooty toilet, but the two evil Nazis, furiously intending not to alleviate his malodorous inconvenience, actually broke into the putrid shed, whereupon Elie, oh, the ever-so-resourceful Elie, dived deep into shit, and held his breath for full four minutes, after which he calmly walked into a barber’s home, asked permission to take a bath, and quietly began to read Kant – in Yiddish! Ha-ha! I myself may be just an apprentice wordsmith, though unhappily exiled, to be sure, but I have five languages under my belt, have read Kant in Königsberg in German at the age of twenty-one, and have never come across any edition of his works in Yiddish, since I know for a fact that such gibberish is not even a language but a code speech, invented for and by the Jewish criminals in Germany, so as to better communicate amongst themselves their nefarious plots and schemes. Who shameful? Jews? No! Evil Jews. Evil evil Jews.


It is reasonable to suppose that those who lash out in violence at the softest provocation are not quite right in the head, and if the genuine attempts by the more benevolent part of humanity to point out to such people the fatal errors of their conduct are met with hate, it also stands to reason that with such lot there is something seriously wrong with their souls too. Speaking of the soul, which with Jews of course is synonymous with destruction, the inimitable and great Houston Stewart Chamberlain has left us with this most memorable impression of it, for in his masterful Foundations Of The Nineteenth Century, the fine old-school gentleman says that, ”… In order to arrive at a better understanding of the Jewish soul, let the reader picture it as the bound feet of the Chinese ladies,” (known as the Lotus Feet), ”whereby lifelong binding has resulted in such hideous malformation, that even after releasing it from bondage it can never hope to attain to its former shape, its natural growth having been permanently arrested…” O-ho, how nicely he puts it, eh! And that really is how it is. The natural narrowness of the Jewish soul, having by long centuries been rendered narrower still, neither possesses, nor can it be induced to possess, genuine human feelings for other human beings, and if there are exceptions amongst Jews who genuinely admit the weakness of their racial curse, it must never be forgotten that such Jews are precisely that, an exception, for the rule amongst the fedor Judaicus is never to feel compassion for others, to wish to burn the world at the slightest censure, and that to consider all such human feelings as merely cumbersome and unwanted appendages of human nature. If anyone doubts these words, or if, at any rate, thinks of them as exaggerated inscriptions, let them consult the writings of those Russian and other brave gentile writers, whose credit in our eyes arises not from tears but solely from their factual recording of the Jewish deeds in revolutionary Russia, and they shall see for themselves that no reasoned subordination on our part could ever withstand the pressure which the facts bear on our judgement of them, for to slice the throat of a young son just so they could use it as a windpipe for making music in the presence of the still living father, to crucify and then to burn alive a girl of sixteen in the presence of her mother and immediately after to turn the sad and bleeding platform around in some macabre wheel of fortune, really does bespeak of more than simple cruelty; it bespeaks of a veritable lack of a regulating mechanism of life, such as is found in all the other human beings in the world, save the Jews, of course. Again, awful space restriction does not permit one to go into greater detail here, but suffice it to say that at every single opportunity, at every available avenue, and by whatever means possible, the diabolic deeds of the Jews must be exposed, they must be enumerated and they must be exhibited, for, by God, such are they, that no attempt on our part will ever palliate their cruelty, nor reconcile their thoughts with ours, since what we see in the Jews is not actually a people, nor a race, but, believe me, nothing other than the Devil personified! Evil Jews.


Of all the dangers which hourly threaten us, none ought to be more assiduously evaded, nor more frightfully dreaded, than Depravity, since from every corner of the world it threatens us, and by countless other subterfuges and tricks seeks to gain entry into our delicate minds. Of all the races of the world, none seem to be more infected with this dangerous disease than the Jews, and it is well known that in the lands of America, by purveying depraved monstrosities, untold sums of money are also being made by them, thus giving the Jews an easy entry not only into the minds of the world’s finest race, but into their pockets too, and so allowing them to attain by filth and violence what they could never hope to attain by high creation and simple hard work. It may be disputed that all the dead performers in all such dead performances as are the pornographic films are in fact gentiles and not Jews, but this is to give in to the barbed tongues of the critics and to overlook the real cause, for you may take it as a rule that will seldom deceive, that behind every such dark production the diabolic clutches of the Jews focus the lens, seeking by such Judaic evil as that to hurry partakers, as well as their enjoyers, into the dark abyss that is the Jewish mind. Obscene sex fills us with more than just dreadful inquietude; it offends us, it belittles the humanity in us, and I believe that with time it even makes our lives more impracticable and less worthy of living. Good and evil have been shown to be easily distinguishable and even easier separated in a healthy and lucid mind. The Jewish wickedness which seeks to create havoc in the minds of the people from the sheer spite that nature has denied them that which it has bestowed on others shall not succeed. Sooner or later the world shall rise against them and will say, enough! just as my dear murdered mother did, and when this happens, from all sides of the wounded and long-offended world, by any and every means available, men and women shall bring themselves to some serious contemplation, and shall finally decide to judge the Jewish race WHOLESALE, as it were, without distinction, maternity wards and all, for having propagated unbridled corruption in all the places, having caused more pain and grief than all the demons put together ever could, this time they shall not be able to escape, but shall, in equal manner as they march the poor Palestinians to death, themselves be done away with, and the sooner we bring ourselves to realizing just such necessary commissions, the more right shall have we to call ourselves real men and real women. Evil Jews.

It is said of the Chewas, the Ovimbundus, the Zandes and of the many other races in the former Sahelian Kingdoms of Africa that they are savage killers, as removed from anything human as any human being ever could be, but what has been omitted from us by the English establishment historians is the indisputable fact that not even they killed unarmed intruders, let alone babies, and that for all the severe proscriptions of their racial genes, those who died in battle fighting them were always given a heartfelt and proper burial. One wonders who is more savage…

Evil Jews.