eurofolkradio station logoBRITAINThis recent article (first publication date 15th May 2014) is from the often excellent website News From Atlantis. The author is Rufus.

UKIP – Sleepwalking The UK Into Talmudic Servitude

UKIP  is a notorious party operating in the UK.  It is portrayed by the media as some sort of racist ‘nazi’ organisation, but remarkably, is afforded endless publicity by the same media which operates a ‘no platform’ policy with anyone who rejects (or even questions) multi-culti ‘political correctness’.  In this respect alone, those who are familiar with the absolute censorship of the UK media, should be sitting up and taking notice of the bizarre obsession with UKIP which the liberal-Marxist media has.

UKIP is portrayed as the party which will get the UK out of the EU.  The hinted (and sadly popularly held) corollary to this is that once the UK is out of the clutches of Bruxelles, the newly-liberated government will be free to deal with the immigrant colonisers from outside the EU; having set the precedent by sending the large numbers of Polish and other EU citizens back home.  To those with eyes to see – eyes which have not been blinded by the lies of the mainstream media – the propaganda that UKIP will first save us from the bureaucrats in the EU, then extend this liberation to free us from the non-European invasion, is such an obvious falsehood, that the fact that millions of our people believe it, is beyond fathomable.

UKIP takes great pains to tell us straight out that it is no friend of the indigenous people – yet still people believe this monstrosity to be worthy of our support.  The party symbol is the UK Pound Sterling!  Of all the symbols which could have been used to represent the UK, Nigel Farage’s lackeys chose the symbol which represents the money power.  UKIP is motivated solely by finance, which it goes to great lengths to explain to everyone at every opportunity.  Indeed, UKIP is so entrenched in the globalist monetary system, that its hostility to the EU is motivated by an obsession with ‘free trade’ (unrestricted capitalist exploitation), which EU membership hampers.  If the EU was enlarged to the point that it became a Global Union, UKIP would have no problem with it.

UKIP uses a subtle form of subliminal programming on its supporters. In these days of semi-literate text talk, UKIP can be seen as the text statement U Kip – You Sleep – which is exactly what they want us to do.  An awake public is a threat to the Establishment, thus UKIP exists to keep us sleep-walking to extinction as the Talmudic overlords flood our lands with more and more non-European aliens.  Living in an area which has been over-run by Pakistani colonisers, the Eastern Europeans have been a breath of fresh air, pushing back the Asiatic invaders.  UKIP has no problem with people who seek to destroy us; UKIP only has a problem with our brothers and sisters from Europe.

The current election propaganda of UKIP states that there are 26 million people in Europe without work and that they are coming for our jobs.  This is nonsense. Mass unemployment is rife across the European Union, but then so is mass immigration.  In the UK, there are two immigrants for every person without work.  In every country in the EU, jobs belonging to the indigenous population have been taken by foreigners from outside Europe.  The liars of UKIP keep the attention of the people on the bogeymen of Europe, not on the colonisers from outside our homeland.

If the UK was to evict every single non-European invader, we could happily absorb millions of our people who are currently trapped in southern Africa or other areas handed over to non-European control by the Talmudic enemy.  If every country in Europe threw off the Judaic overlords and the parasites they have brought into our lands, there could be absolute freedom of movement and work for all.  Our besieged kin across the world could be welcomed home, and Europe could be strengthened as a fully self-sufficient land with no outsiders telling us what to do and certainly with no Chinese produced rubbish in our shops.  UKIP does not want to end Chinese economic domination.  UKIP does not want to repatriate non-Europeans and put our people first.  The descendent of Portuguese Jews, Nigel Farage, is an enemy of all Europeans, especially the people of the UK.

UKIP has stated that it is in favour of immigration!  Yes, you read that correctly – the party which endlessly talks about Europeans taking our jobs, wants more foreigners to come to our shores to, ahem, take our jobs!  UKIP hates Europeans and takes great pains to publicly sack any members who speak out in favour of keeping the UK a European country.  UKIP wants to stop Europeans coming to a different part of Europe, but it welcomes Africans, Asians, and of course Jews.  Kippah (!) leader, Farage, has stated that,

UKIP is not an anti-immigration party. We want immigrants; we welcome immigrants’.

UKIP wants to bring non-Europeans into the UK, whilst keeping Europeans out.  UKIP wants to destroy Employment Rights, making it easier for the unscrupulous usurers to sack people and exploit us all.  UKIP bends over backwards to suck up to Israel and to prove itself a good Goyische shiksa, prostituting itself – and the UK – for the benefit of the Jewish money power.

Not only does UKIP have no qualms about selling the people of the UK into servitude, it supports the ritual murder and torture of our animals.  UKIP speaks the rhetoric of freedom, but pursues the policies of slavery.

At the European elections, UKIP will do well, but those who vote for UKIP will be voting against EU corruption, only to pull themselves deeper into the Global Talmudic web.  UKIP is as bad as the Green Party, which has openly called for ‘asylum seekers’ (criminal infiltrators invading our lands) to be welcomed to take our homes, jobs and the food from our tables.  UKIP is of the same stuff as the enemy Greens.

The UK is in a mess.  UKIP will only take us down further.  But what are the alternatives?  Labour is headed by a Marxist Jew who cries about his parents surving (of course) the færytale hollowhoax.  The Liberal Democrats are avowed globalists who seek to wipe the UK out of existence (and surprise, surprise, they too are headed by a Jew), the Conservatives are headed by an Establishment Jew who serves the global money power and despises the indigenous population.  At the risk of sounding anti-Semitic (!), when the four main parties all serve the global usurers and all are headed by Jews, isn’t it time to embrace Zionism to the full and make the Jewish state of Israel not just the land which is only for the Jewish people, but the only land which the Jewish people may live in?

Voting changes nothing – if it changed anything, it wouldn’t be allowed.  The answer to the problem of Chinese economic power, Jewish political power and the swarms of colonisers breeding us out of existence, will not be found by putting a cross on a ballot.  The European elections are yet another pantomime act and we don’t have the luxury of allowing ourselves to be distracted by them.  We have to get our lands back, but that is not for discussion in this article!