Tim Murdock - The War on Whites


eurofolkradio station logoHere is an excellent and most useful interview, providing guidelines and instruction on the use of words, structured as memes, to accelerate the recovery and regeneration of whites world wide.

This is an exclusive interview with the White Rabbit behind the white genocide memes going around. You may have seen these memes such “Diversity is a code word for white genocide” or “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” For some Tim Murdock, who is White Rabbit Radio’s Horus the Avenger, is a controversial person. You may have seen his animations on the web such as “How The Whites Took Over America” or “Anti-Racist Hitler” or “Johnny Racist.”

The White European western world and culture is under attack. We’ll discuss how opposing forces have infiltrated the western system, controlling the message that controls the society. We’ll discuss contradictions in the system and how the Soviet Union was taken down by its own contradictions. Tim talks about the agenda of revenge on European people ultimately seeking to create a non-white blended European. Zionist Jews have openly stated their leading role at the center of this multicultural society. We’ll talk about the plan to reduce Whites to a minority through various tactics, while not allowing them to have an exclusive homeland.

The use of weaponized words, political correctness and double standards are predictably heard in media, entertainment and education to war against Whites, especially children. Later, we discuss how Russia, China and Iran stand in the way of multiculturalism and world hegemony. Lastly, we talk about a growing movement of well rounded people who break the mainstream stereotype of a White nationalist.


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