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The Divine Truth 4 : May-June 2016 Issue
  • Pg   4Psych My Caucus – Billy Roper
  • Pg   6 – Letter from Supporters
  • Pg   7From the Minister of Security
  • Pg   8The Term “Jew” – Kevin Conway
  • Pg   9Minister of Communications – Charlie Alsabrook
  • Pg 10Here’s Your Awardackle The Wilderness – Billy Roper
  • Pg 11To Lone wolf or Not to Lone wolf that is the Question – Pastor Paul R. Mullet
  • Pg 13Choices – Sara from WAU

The Divine Truth 3 : March-April 2016 Issue
  • Pg   2In Movement They Trust – Kevin Tyrant Harris, Autonomous Nationalist
  • Pg   4White Nationalism – Billy Roper
  • Pg   5My Epiphany – Brother Azarius
  • Pg   6Interview With Billy Roper – The Divine Truth Ministries team recently conducted an interview with Mr. Billy Roper.
  • Pg   8Creation from A Christian Identity point of view – Pastor Paul R. Mullet
  • Pg 10A Story from A South Africa Resistance Fighter – Cornelia Dewet
  • Pg 12Imagine All The People – If we cast about online, especially in various social media outlets, forums, and discussion boards . . .
  • Pg 13The Christian Identity Challenge  – Take ‘The Christian Identity Challenge’: I can’t claim this idea as my own, but I believe in it enough to carry it forward . . .

The Divine Truth 2 : January-February 2016 Issue
  • Pg   2As Christians – As Christians we must start looking inward . . .
  • Pg   3Press Release – Time and time again, those who hate our people have declared victory prematurely . . .
  • Pg   4Under Punishment From God – White peoples of planet Earth are losing more and more freedoms . . .
  • Pg   9Major Announcement: New Organization Launched! – Upcoming National Rally in April . . .
  • Pg 10Divine Truth Ministries Radio – A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment
  • Pg 12Nation Of True Israel – The Divine Truth Ministries/Nation of True Israel is a Christian Identity based White Nationalist organization . . .
  • Pg 13Rock Stone Mountain


The Divine Truth 1 : November-December 2015 Issue
  • Pg   3Church Land Clearing Project – The beginning of our long assignment from Yahweh.
  • Pg   4Erasing “HATE” Campaign – SPLC’s new campaign against the White Race and Heritage.
  • Pg   6Be Not Confused – Clarification on the Divine Truth Ministries and its new goal.
  • Pg   7Tackle The Wilderness – Perspective from a grounds clearing project participant.
  • Pg   8Birthright Citizenship – A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment
  • Pg 10Those who have left CI – A short letter to those who have left the faith.