I remember being semi-disgusted when I first came across the 'IT'S OK TO BE WHITE' meme. What a pathetic pusillanimous plea for tolerance in our own countries, the counties our ancestors built and passed on to us. But little did I know that in fact it represented a masterpiece of memeology. Its genius lay in its weakness because even with that it was sure to activate the hive of self-hating Whites and hostile minorities that infest every White country. This in turn would awaken normies to the prevailing double-standards as the more tame and inoffensive the message the more absurd [...]
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When men once turn to brutes, the trifle of men's wit that remains in them adds tenfold to their brutality. – – Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne The mad-dog liberals have given themselves over to Satan. They are the academics, … Continue reading → [...]
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A little over two years ago Freddie Grey, a Baltimore criminal, died in the back of a police van. This lead to days of rioting which lead to many deaths and much of the city in ruins. The rioters were probably taking Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings-Blake at her word when she claimed they needed 'space to destroy' ....you know, to assuage their grief at Freddie's death. She and her top law enforcement officials (seen in the top pic...clearly great legal minds, driven by a thirst for justice) came up with additional measures to get the city back on an even footing. [...]
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Hamish PattonDaily Stormer April 5, 2015 The Judeo-Bolshevik left tried desperately to shut it down, but Reclaim Australia still happened, and it turned out quite nicely. Hamish Patton Reports on the Reclaim Australia Rally at Martin Place in Sydney Despite at times heavy rain, the Reclaim Australia Sydney rally drew good support as Aussies (and the occasional chink rat, Jew fink and curry muncher) turned out at Martin Place. Once gathered with flags, placards and umbrellas, the universal theme was to stick up the middle finger at Islam and the traitor politicians who lay out the prayer mat for them. The rally could not have been [...]
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