To say that women's right to vote should be withdrawn or even restricted would be enough in the Current Year to have you consigned to the pantheon of freaks along with Elephant Man and the Bearded Lady. People would line up and pay good money just to see you. But when analysed on a logical and factual basis the issue is less clear-cut. For instance women know far less about politics and current affairs that do their menfolk as evidenced by a huge (10,000 participants) international survey where men and women were asked questions about domestic and international news. Despite [...]
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We are such stuff as dreams are made on. – The Tempest In my junior and senior high school days I subscribed to a magazine called Strength and Health, published by Bob Hoffman, the founder of the York Barbell … Continue reading → [...]
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Just finished Anatomy Of A Genocide: The Life And Death Of A Town Called Buczacz by (((Omer Bartov))), a once in a lifetime book addressing a long-neglected subject: The fate of the Jews during WW II 😀. Specifically it concerns events in the historical town in what is now western Ukraine after the Germans captured it in 1941. At which point the local Ukrainians massacred their Jewish neighbours. We're lead to believe this came as a surprise because three communities (Ukrainians, Poles and Jews) lived together relatively peacefully in mixed neighbourhoods up till then.But the full story is more complex. [...]
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Hamish PattonDaily Stormer April 5, 2015 The Judeo-Bolshevik left tried desperately to shut it down, but Reclaim Australia still happened, and it turned out quite nicely. Hamish Patton Reports on the Reclaim Australia Rally at Martin Place in Sydney Despite at times heavy rain, the Reclaim Australia Sydney rally drew good support as Aussies (and the occasional chink rat, Jew fink and curry muncher) turned out at Martin Place. Once gathered with flags, placards and umbrellas, the universal theme was to stick up the middle finger at Islam and the traitor politicians who lay out the prayer mat for them. The rally could not have been [...]
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