ACH (2175) Mischa Popoff - The Suspicious GEC Marconi Scientist Deaths Of The 1980's

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 7 2023, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “The Suspicious GEC Marconi Scientist Deaths Of The 1980’s.”

We discussed: the 2018 Unredacted article “The Marconi Murders” that Andy read in its entirety at the start of the show; how the 1980’s was a breakthrough decade with regard to weapons manufacture; the doomed Stingray missile system; how torpedo technology has effectively changed the theater of war; the reasons why these Marconi scientists were probably murdered; and many other topics.

Click Here For The Unredacted Article “The Marconi Murders” That Andy Read At The Start Of The Show

Click Here For Details Of Mischa’s Book, “Is It Organic?”