Fellow Israelites.  This weekend, I will begin simulcasting on EFR and Telegram.   The link for the EFR T-gram channel is:  t.me/Eurofolkradio

Friday on YCP, 7pm CT, I will be interviewing Brother Michael Romanov, an Orthodox Minister, about the Orthodox position on the Jewish Question, plus the ongoing schism in the Orthodox Church over the Ukraine war.

On Saturday, I will be doing an interview with Dustin of the HiddenHisStory Chanel:  https://t.me/HiddenHisStory/32641 We will be discussing the pros and cons of DSL (dual-seedline theology)

Discussion will begin 6pmCT on T-gram and EFR will pick up the feed and simulcast during the Restoration Hour (7-9).


This promises to be a very lively and revealing discussion about Scripture.

The link to the efr T-gram chat room is:  https://t.me/EurofolkRadioChat

Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition!



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