ACH (2065) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer - Remembering The German Civilians Who Were Burnt To Death In Dresden

In today’s show originally broadcast on February 17 2023, Andy is joined by Alfred Schaefer and Monika Schaefer for a show entitled, “Remembering The German Civilians Who Were Burnt To Death In Dresden.”

We discussed: how Dresden was firebombed by the British and the Americans in February of 1945; why Alfred was arrested in Dresden recently; how mourning the deaths of civilians can be labelled a hate crime today; President Kennedy’s 1963 statement “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”; how the Antifa in Germany jeered those who mourned the Germans that were burnt alive in Dresden; the increasing incidences of people who question the mainstream narrative being labelled as “Nazis”; how the firebombing of Dresden was carried out; how the American bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines has affected the day to day lives of Germans; and many other topics.

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