ACH (1978) I Ask YOU #1 - Education

In today’s inaugural episode of, “I Ask YOU,” originally broadcast on November 22 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “Education.”

“I Ask YOU,” is a solo show in which you, the audience, can choose to participate. You can do this by answering the questions privately to yourself, or alternatively I invite you to email any answers you wish to share with me directly via my email address,, which I may read out on a subsequent show.

Throughout, “I Ask YOU,” I will pose questions that I will answer from my perspective, but which I have written for the purpose of giving you the opportunity to answer for yourselves, in the hope it may provide you with food for thought, that you may not have otherwise considered, had you not heard the questions today.

Today’s Questions:

What do you consider to be the greatest thing you ever learnt?

Who decides educational curriculums?

How do you think the arts should be taught?

How should history be taught?

Do you think there should be separate schools for girls and boys?

Do you think girls and boys should be taught different subjects?

Do you think sport should be taught in schools, or should this be an extra-curricular activity?

Did we learn anything at school, that we didn’t learn in the independent media, or did some of what we learn at school end up being disproved by the independent media?

How much of the educational curriculum should be compulsory, and what should be ditched?

What did you learn from your formal education, that you use in your job or day to day life today?

What did you learn in your education, that you have felt inspired to share with friends or family members, or maybe even your children?

What are your thoughts on being educated at home by your family, home-schooling, as opposed to being educated in a classroom amongst other children of a similar age?

Do you believe that we are constantly learning, or we are pretty much educated by the time we reach adulthood?