ACH (1915) Michael Walsh - Michael Walsh Remembers On His 80th Birthday

In today’s show originally broadcast on September 20 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “Michael Walsh Remembers On His 80th Birthday.”

We discussed: why today is a time of reflection; Mike’s early years as a seaman in the Merchant Navy during which time he visited 60 countries on all the continents of the world; why Mike joined the British Movement and how he became the Regional Manager of the Liverpool Branch on his way to becoming Deputy Leader to Colin Jordan; why Mike left frontline politics in 1984 and set up his own business running a rucksack and rifle business; how the public outcry following the Hungerford Massacre destroyed the British rifle market in the late 1980’s; Mike’s two decades of work for the Guild Of Master Craftsmen; why Mike relocated to Spain and how as a foreigner you cannot live there unless you have an independent income; why Mike always had a desire to go into writing, especially as a novelist, which is an aim he has achieved in recent years; how Mike has now published over 70 books spanning a vast array of subjects, spread over a wide range of genres; why many of Mike’s books don’t have his name on them; why life is far worse in the West today than it was in the Soviet Union; Mike’s geopolitical predictions for the future; and many other topics.

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