ACH (1874) Dr. Patrick Slattery And Kato - The QAnon Church Of Donald Trump

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 10 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Patrick Slattery and Kato, for a show entitled, “The QAnon Church Of Donald Trump.”

We discussed: Kato’s background growing up ABC (American Born Chinese) and how he became interested in the independent media; the persecution of Donald Trump and how this is backfiring on the powers that should not be; how the FBI have revealed themselves to be nothing more than a Stasi style political terror organization; why the Biden Inflation Bill contains a provision for hiring 85,000 new IRS Agents; how the 2020 election was stolen and why Americans should not use this as an excuse to abandon the electoral process; how China’s Social Credit System actually operates and how we could expect such a system to operate in the West; how the Biden Administration has been the most hostile to China in U.S. history; the ownership of The Epoch Times; and many other topics.

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