ACH (1839) Willem Felderhof - The Deterioration Of Everything Since The Lockdowns

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 6 2022, Andy is joined by Willem Felderhof, for a show entitled, “The Deterioration Of Everything Since The Lockdowns.”

We discussed: Willem’s regular appearances on Richard Kary’s “Beyond The Official Narrative” radio show; why Willem re-located from Holland to France; the importance of becoming part of a self-sufficient community; the deterioration in the quality of our food; the Elites attempts to block out the sun; what CERN is really being used for; why we are living in the “Revelation Of The Method” era; how our own governments have helped to corporatize the world; why the genesis of our destruction was able to take place; the Tristate City Project; how Klaus Schwab revealed in his book “The Great Reset” that there will be severe disruptions in the aviation industry; how you can prepare for the future; and many other topics.

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