ACH (1502) Dr. Nick Kollerstrom - The Great British Coronavirus Hoax - A Sceptic's View

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 27 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Nick Kollerstrom for a show entitled, “The Great British Coronavirus Hoax – A Sceptic’s View.”

We discussed: Nick’s research into false flag events; Nick’s discussion group “9/11 Keep Talking”; why you should fear the vaccine not the virus; the Transhumanist Agenda; Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson’s 1982 book “The Virus” that has uncanny parallels to the COVID-19 plandemic; evidence that the stronger the lockdowns the greater the deaths; the Problem Reaction Solution approach to the vaccine; the movie “Contagion” that appears to have been the blueprint for what is going on today; Nick’s participation in the Anti-Lockdown protest in London this weekend, and how the police charged the crowd; how your health is your business and it is not the job of your government to tell you how to stay healthy; why we must not lose hope; and many other topics.

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