ACH (1431) Paul English And Brizer - Stop The Steele And Other Odious Disinformation Agents

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 18 2021, Andy is joined by Paul English and Brizer for a show entitled, “Stop The Steele And Other Odious Disinformation Agents.”

We discussed: Brizer’s live show with Nick Griffin that will be going out later today; the infiltration of the Alternative Media; how Joe Biden as President sounds like the punchline to a joke; why there are so many people smoking the hopium pipe these days; how Q-Anon bears a striking resemblance to a Bolshevik psy-op from the 1920’s; the latest Daily Mail attack on Piers Corbyn; how Germany is planning to imprison lockdown breakers in refugee camps; the drug that obliterates transmission of the Coronavirus; the new new new strain; and many other topics.

Click Here For The Brizer Show With Nick Griffin That Will Be Going Out Later Today

Click Here For The Information Liberation Article “’Q-Anon’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known As ‘Operation Trust’”

Click Here For The PDF Of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s Book “New Lies For Old”

Click Here For The Daily Mail’s Latest Attack On Piers Corbyn

Click Here For The YouTube Of Dr. Pierre Kory’s Senate Testimony On Early COVID-19 Treatments

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