Set to the music of 867-5309,






The lyrics:

COVID-19  (Satan Is the Novel One)


Verse 1:


Jacob Rothschild, what are you lord of?

With all your money and quantitative easing?

Lord of the virus, in both computers and souls…

Designer viruses infect our bodies and phones.


Chorus 1:


Now you serve fake pandemics.

Globalist media fawns

Peddling hypodermics

C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9


Verse 2:


Satan, Satan, what are you after?

Spying on us with your 5G eyes and ears!

Global governance with medical tyranny.

You vaccinate us with your nanobot disease.


Chorus 2:


Now, you serve gross eugenics.

Depopulation now!

Satan, you’re trying to rule us.


C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9




I caught it. Coronavirus!  I caught it!

In microwave skies!

You faked it. Diagnosed it! You baked it!

Cause it’s no disease at all!!!!


[Recitation over change.]


Ventilators killing patients.

You’ve got all the symptoms of a tyrant out of control.

Eugenics mobsters run the planet with a plandemic of fear.


Chorus 3


Spreading the propaganda

Flatten the curve of lies

Here is the diagnosis


C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9, C-O-V-I-D-1-9


The death rate of this fake plandemic is less than one percent.  Less than one percent.  What kind of a plandemic is this?  Seasonal flu kills more people every year.  Only the old and infirm succumb, unless you are unlucky enough to be  by a ventilator!

COVID marshals and snitches go door to door, like the KGB!

Wear a face mask.    Social distancing!  Global lockdown!

Fake news. Fake blues.  Fake dues.

Fake food.  Fake meds.  Fake Christians.  Fake Jews.

Fake governance.  Fake togetherness.  Fake voters.  Fake Nazis.  Fake terrorists.  Fake climate change.

Fake anti-fascists! Fake social justice warriors.