Join me in an imprecatory prayer against the enemies of our God. For the end of the age of Esau and the beginning of the age of Jacob. For Yahshua and His Kingdom to come.

Who wants to live in the ‘new norm’ Lockstep UN Agenda Hunger Games satanic New World Order that is now being implemented via the Red Shield’s World Bank Luciferian Bill Gates UN GAVI Mystery Babylonian Eighth Beast COVID-19 Planned-demic Global Response Plan Occult Ritual? I don’t!
Who wants to live in the Kingdom of Yahshua Christ Jesus? I DO! Do you?
Things aren’t going back to ‘normal’. Time to focus our prayers on repentance (get right with Christ), filling our lamps with oil (be prepared mentally, physically, spiritually), witnessing to others (our duty to pass on what we’ve been shown), calling for the return of our King (our God and Salvation), and for the bundling and burning of the tares (see Obadiah-the end of the you know who’s that rhymes with smoose).

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If you think these Draconian restrictions and mandates will end after the election….think again! COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program – World Bank Project (see page 6- this plandemic is an exercise and will end March 31,2025 ! ) then see ( They Live 1988 – pay attention to first minute of this 3 min clip – MUST WATCH ) then see Americans will wear masks for ‘several years’ due to coronavirus: expert – NYP article  Victoria facing years of mandatory masks and restrictions – article Americans will be wearing masks for ‘several years’ – article


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