ACH ARCHIVE (655) Frank From North Carolina - My Experiences As A Prolific Caller To Alternative Media Radio Shows

In today’s show originally broadcast on May 12 2018, Andy interviews Frank From North Carolina, for a show entitled, “My Experiences As A Prolific Caller To Alternative Media Radio Shows.”

We discussed: how Frank started out by listening to and calling into Talk Radio Shows; how Frank felt physically sick for two weeks after he discovered the U.S. Government were lying about 9/11; the different radio shows Frank used to listen to and the shows he still listens to; the shows that Frank calls into; how Israel has access to our electronic correspondence; Frank’s advice on how to prepare for calling into a radio show; how Frank was the architect of Dr. David Duke’s legendary appearance on Alex Jones show which became known as the, “The Jonestown Massacre,” resulting in Jeff Rense (who owns the Rense Radio Network that hosts The David Duke Show) confirming live on air that he had never seen such a spike in traffic to his site immediately after this show was broadcast; how Alex Jones said, “Well I will say this, the Jewish Mafia is at the heart of the New World Order,” as a response to one of Frank’s calls into his show; the general quality of callers to Talk Radio Shows, including the troll element within; and many other topics.

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