The riots in the various cities of America were clearly orchestrated by the globalists.


The Zionist/Talmudic war against America has finally reached the stage of uncontrolled terrorism by leftists and assorted malcontents, financed by Rothschild and globalists.

Video recaps riots.  Journalists become targets of police for supporting terrorists.

7…. Self-governance can be given to the masses, but only long enough for them to form a disorganized mob. At that point we should intervene to create strife and racial hatred between their different classes and races. This will cause them to fight and kill each other; hopefully starting a civil war.

8. Once a nation is engaged in civil war it will either destroy itself or be weakened to the point where it can be overtaken by another foreign power. In either case our job will be done as they’ll no longer be a threat to us.

The Protocols of Zion Protocol #1 – What we Believe Text 7 & 8


Pallets of bricks magically appear in various cities for rioters:


VIDEOS: Pallets of Bricks Appear Before Riots in Dallas, Manhattan, and Fayetteville