ACH (1260) Clint Lacy – The Rape Of Delaware County

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In today’s show originally broadcast on May 22 2020, Andy is joined by Clint Lacy for a show entitled, “The Rape Of Delaware County.”

We discussed: Clint’s new book about law enforcement corruption and the targeting of an innocent citizen; the attorney who was accused of trying to get a prison inmate to carry out a contract killing; the crime and corruption in Oklahoma’s Delaware County; suicide by cop; Clint’s Cave Regions Of The Ozarks book; how the lockdown is affecting rural America; the effects of wearing a surgical mask for 12 hours a day; how the Elites have to create a level playing field in order to create their New World Order; whether or not Bill Gates has had his children vaccinated; how prayer is really the only solution to our current problems; and many other topics.

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