ACH (1200) Frank Raymond – Sweet Dreams And Terror Cells – Part 1

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In today’s show originally broadcast on February 28 2020, Andy is joined by Frank Raymond, for a show entitled, “Sweet Dreams And Terror Cells – Part 1.”

We discussed: how White People accept their plight as normal; the program to colonize White Nations; the three classes of occupation; why the term Globalist is a misleading one; why the average American Family now has to work two jobs; the destruction of the American Militia Movement; the Canadian Hate Crimes Unit; America’s 17 intelligence agencies; how terror attacks are used to justify the Police State; the empty towns and villages of Louisiana; the increase in the number of suicides; how alcoholism and drug addiction are indicators of an occupied people; how an occupied people always have their free speech curtailed lest they dare to speak out for their own group interest; Obama’s war on White Suburbs; how an occupied people are always disarmed; and many other topics.

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