ACH (1191) Dr. Adrian Krieg And Mark Dankof – Generations With Adrian, Mark, And Andy #35 -The Show With No Name

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In today’s show originally broadcast on February 17 2020, Andy presents “Generations” with his co-hosts Dr. Adrian Krieg and Mark Dankof for a show entitled, “The Show With No Name.”

We discussed: the Mark Dankof’s America World News Report; the continual censorship on the internet; is Hillary Clinton going to be Mike Bloomberg’s running mate; the latest on the Coronavirus; why you should forget about the New Hampshire Primary; the Andrew McCabe affair; an Alabama Democrat’s plan to force all men over the age of 50 to have a vasectomy; why Tulsi Gabbard isn’t gaining the support she deserves; Carter Page’s lawsuit against the DNC; and many other topics.

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