Rick Wiles of True News is beginning to get the picture!!  “The impeach Trump movement is a Jew coup.”  Rick Wiles.  Music to my ears!!

It is wonderful see non-Identity Christians opening up about Jewish perfidy!!

How Jewish oligarchs are responsible for all of the troubles in Ukraine.  How Zelensky got elected… also the natural gas connection explained.  The energy connection is totally ignored by the Kosher Press, which has one single message:  Putin is evil!!   Why is Putin evil?  Because he is threatening to cut the oligarch’s slice of the energy pie.

So, whose side are Joe and Hunter Biden on?   You guessed it: they are part of the Jewish oligarchy.  Now you know what’s going on behind the scenes and why the Judeo-Democrats are so keen to get rid of “neo-Nazi” Donald Trump, who backs Putin’s energy plan.  How many Jewish middlemen will lose their cash cow?  Plenty!!