Fraud #1:  All modern banks operate on the fraudulent practice of money creation.   Most people assume that banks lend out funds accrued from depositors.  This is not true.  In reality, bankers create money via the printing press or by merely creating bookkeeping entries on ledger books or computers.   Most “money” today only exists in the form of computer blips.   The actual amount of money in circulation and/or deposit in America today is $1.7 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank.  But the national debt is $21 trillion or $45 trillion, depending on who keeps the statistics. As you can see, there is no way that the national debt can be paid, as the money simply does not exist.  The way the bankers get you to pay up is by confiscating your property.   This banking system controls all financial institutions and governments around the world.  The bible refers to it as Mystery Babylon.   Banking is theft.  You won’t learn this in school.

Here is a video that explains how this banking scam works.


#2:  mortgage fraud.   This video explains how the banksters defraud borrowers.    One way or another, the banksters will confiscate your property.  When the banksters confiscate large volumes of property, then there is a bust.  After the bust, they create more money, which creates a boom.  This power to create “money” is the TRUE CAUSE of inflation.  As long as banks have the power to create this fictitious money, these two types of fraud will continue to cause bankruptcy and misery for consumers.  Unfortunately, the background music of the video is initially a bit too loud, but it gets better after the intro.


EFR informs you of things that the Kosher press will never reveal.  All consumers have become debt slaves to Mystery Babylon.   These central bank schemes have always been run by the world’s richest Jews; and the Jews who own the media corporations will never explain to you how you are being defrauded.   Try to have a nice life.