Starting Saturday at 6:00 pm 8/31 on Brother Hebert Presents begins a new 2 week study series on The Sabbath, followed by The Fall Holy Days.

The Feast of Trumpets 9/19, Day of Atonement 9/28, and The Feast of Tabernacles 10/3.

This Feast Days Series will cover all 7 Feast Days of Yahweh. Please join us and learn about your heritage, and participate in it.

We celebrate our country holidays, and pagan holidays like Easter and Christmas, and satanic holidays like Halloween, Gay Pride month, and Video Music Awards. But most ‘Christians’ don’t celebrate or even know about Yahweh’s Set-Apart Sacred Appointed Days. It’s time they do!

How many of you observe the Sabbath? Do you watch TV on it? Do you buy or sell on it? Do you spend time with Yahweh and your family and your kinsmen on it? It’s time to reverence the most Set-Apart Day.


Think Outside The Beast

Age of Laodicea