As many of you know, we at EFR teach COVENANT THEOLOGY, which means that the Bible was written exclusively to, by, for and about True Israel, not to either the Jews or to any other “gentile” nations or to any so-called “church.”   In these two videos, Pastor Eli James and David from Missouri cross-reference many Bible verses, showing that wherever the word ‘Gentile’ is used, it always refers to Israelites.  (There are possibly four exceptions to this rule.)  The Judeo churches falsely teach that Jesus came to “save” all races.  That is not true.  He came to REDEEM Israel at the First Advent and He will come to save us from our enemies at the Second Advent and bring in the Kingdom.  We Israelites are to be a “light unto the nations,” meaning that we are to set the example of righteousness to the world.  We cannot be this light if we lose our genetic inheritance.  Under no circumstances are non-Israelites invited into the congregation of Israel.  Under no circumstances are we to mix with them.  “Shall not come a mongrel into the congregation of Yahweh.” (Deut. 4:2.)

Non-Israelites will be rewarded with a place in the Kingdom ONLY if they support us against our enemies, the Edomites.  (See Zechariah 14.)  The Kingdom will be ruled by Yahshua Messiah with the Twelve Tribes in charge of the government.  (See Rev. 21-22.)


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