Blackbird9 - Mordecai Manoeuvres Them Against Us

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Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast, Mordecai Manoeuvres Them Against Us. Tonight we discuss the history and symbolism of War.

In the First Hour we cover the chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists. Their mission has always been to establish a Greater Israel ruled by globalism under the direction of Talmudic Noahide Law and at the same time force all other nations to surrender their independent sovereignty.

In the second hour, Mordecai Manoeuvres Them Against Us, the host examined the history and symbolism of WAR. From the earliest battles over resources between Haves and Have Nots, to the rise of metal technologies, to the early Defensive Fortified City State models, to the first Armies of War, to the rise of Patriarchal Empires of Conquest, to the War Strategies of Biblical Texts such as Maccabees and Esther, to the arms races of technologies, to modern Psychological Warfare, the host discussed the long history of the development of First Generation through Fifth Generation Warfare, the Players and their End Game Objectives.