The Kosher Press is all lies, all the time.

The Jewsmedia is using its control of information to smear anyone who opposes their globalist/Marxist agenda.  MSM is nothing lies, 24/7.  Now, the whole world can see that the Kosher press is nothing but fake news!!  Lawsuits have been filed.  Watch the degenerate liberals squirm!

Picking on high school kids for wearing MAGA hats shows their hateful agenda.  Time to smash ZOG!

Here is the TRUTH about the standoff.  The Blacks were cursing at the Amerindians, when they turned their attention to the White teenagers.  Then Mr. Phillips, a phony veteran, and probably not an Amerindian, gets in the face of one of the White teenagers.  Can you stand any more fake news?


Tell all of your “dirty ass kracka” friends about EFR.

Help us to drown out the anti-White hatred of the Kosher crowd.