Today’s synagogue of Satan is ZOG (the Zionist Occupation Government)

The following information is more proof that the Kosher Press constantly withholds evidence of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) criminality and control of our government.  First, a documentary demonstrating ATF and FBI lawlessness at Waco:

The purpose of the Waco massacre was to send a message to patriotic groups that this is how the joo-controlled government will deal with dissidents, whom they arbitrarily designate as “cults” and then proceed to murder.   High-ranking members of ZOG ordered the assault on the Waco compound, Mt. Carmel.  This video names the names of Jewish operatives at the ADL, Mossad and CAN (Cult Awarenes Network), another Jewish subversive group, and how they are directly responsible for the Waco massacre:

These two videos demonstrate the fact that the American government has been totally infiltrated and taken over by the ADL, Mossad, AIPAC, and other subversive, criminal jewish groups.  Not only Waco, but the Oklahoma City bombing, the assault against Randy Weaver and his family, 9/11/2001, Flight 800, and all of the staged events designed to undermine the 2nd Amendment, have been orchestrated by these same ZOG entities, for the purpose of destroying this Christian, Constitutional Republic.

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