Close-up of the Black Obelisk showing King Omri paying obeisance to Shalmaneser of Assyria.   The inscription reads:

“I received tribute from Iaua (Jehu), son of Omri: silver, gold, a golden bowl, a golden tureen, golden pails, tin, the staffs ‘of the king’s hand’ and a spear.”

Academia has been deceiving us about the Hebrew origin of English, German, Welsh, Greek, etc.   Pastors Steve and Eli discus how Germanic is derived from Hebrew and their relationship to Welsh, French, English, Danish, etc.


The Coelbren alphabet’s relationship to Welsh.  The Welsh people are derived from the Kimmerians (Khumru), who were the Israelites of the Ten Northern tribes, so named after King Omri of Israel.   Jews and other academics have been suppressing this knowledge for decades, because you are supposed to believe that the Jews are Israel.


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