The jooz are the greatest impostors on planet earth.  “There shall no mamzer (mongrel) enter the congregation of Yahweh.” – Deut. 23:2.


The truth is that 0% of Jews are Israelites.  Both the Sephardic jooz and the Ashkenazi jooz are a motley crew of mongrelized non-Israelites.  These two videos prove it.

More nonsense from mongrel jooz and other false claimants to the name of “Israel”:  Proof that the jooz cannot verify their claim to Israelite heritage.


Tell everyone you know about EFR, where the Truth is spoken without apologies.  “Are you asking me about my religion or about my blood.” – a joo in the video above.  Can a non-Israelite become an Israelite by adopting Talmudic Judaism?

Only those of us in Christian Identity have documented the migrations of all twelve tribes:  Watch and learn.

Here are the facts: