Carol Howe was a government agent that infiltrated Elohim City in order to blame them for the Murrah Bldg explosion.

These two videos prove 1.) that the Oklahoma City bombing was yet another government psy-op and 2.) Christian Identity and the patriotic militia movement were set up to take the blame for it.


Whose is Andreas Strassmeier?   Was he another infiltraitor, just like Carol Howe?  Was McVeigh a dupe?  Why did the FBI destroy or hide all evidence of Strassmeier’s involvement?  Guess what!  Strassmeier is the son of a highly ranking German government official – Helmut Kohl’s Chief of Staff!  Be prepared to have your mind blown about these revelations.


Sex, secret agents, Christian Ientity and ZOG conspiracies.  In my opinion, Carol Howe was an agent from the very beginning.  “She really likes to make bombs.”  Strassmeier and Howe were both ZOG agents.  This video also connects the Clintons to the disaster.  The paperwork for Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater scandal and Iran-Contra was stored in the Murrah Building….very conveniently destroyed.

Why is ZOG protecting Strassmeier?

Tell everybody you know about EFR.