ASIMOL - Jason Kessler - 01.01.18

Jason Kessler of joins me in the first hour to discuss his awakening & his planning of the “Unite The Right” rally back in August 2016.

Much speculation has been made in the Alternative Media about Kessler’s background, alleged previous affiliations, and motives.

Kessler maintains that he is a former liberal (as many of us have been at one point in our lives) – and that he soured after the heavy racial propaganda surrounding the incidents of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, and the BLM rally in Dallas where multiple police officers were wounded and killed by a radical, black-activist gunman.  In 2016, he decided to support Trump; he has been a vocal supporter and activist for pro-white causes.

Jason is under intense political & legal attack and needs our help.  Please help support him by donating to his legal defense fund, which can be found HERE.

He can be contacted at