Health Matters (Ted & Eli 2017.10.16)

Pastor Eli and I had a discussion about regarding health matters.  Though we went into great detail on a few topics, we’re still only scratching the surface of many important issues – hopefully, we’ll have many more calls expanding on the subject.  We hit upon Nutrition, the Low-Fat diet craze, Inflammation, Dr. Joel Wallach’s Nutrition thesis, and several other topics.  Essentially, we think that, more or less, most of what official medicine has to offer is not entirely true (a very kind way of putting it).

In the conversation, we reference this material and link.

Is Wallach correct on every little thing he says?  Maybe not, but at this point, every alternative to the modern medical industry should be explored and investigated.  You’re a fool if you think the modern medical industry is going to heal & take care of you.

For further study, hop on YouTube and search terms like “Cholesterol Hoax Myth” “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” “Ketosis” “Aspartame Dangers” “Sugar Toxic”

The outro music can be found here.  There are many renditions of the song, I just happened to use this one.

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