I’ve been able to find a few more pieces of information regarding Las Vegas, since the recording of my Sunday/Monday show (posted here on EFR), which I’d like to share.  I figured a separate post here would be appropriate.  I want to re-iterate that I think questioning the official story, as put forth by the authorities, is the best way to go about this.  Stay away from the “nobody died”  “it’s a hoax”  “crisis actors”  “fake blood” promoters.  There are pictures and video of dead bodies, see BestGore.com if you really must.  I think any other question, pretty much, is fair game.  Okay, enough blabbing.  Here are the tidbits.  Many, if not all, are links to youtube videos.

Note: When Infowars claims ISIS this or ISIS that, what is ISIS?  Most likely some form of Israelis either controlling Arab terrorists or impersonating them.

Witness to Bellagio Hotel shooting incident 45 minutes after the concert massacre

NBC edits Las Vegas Zapruder Film

Did Shooter’s accomplices chicken out?

Sheriff’s FBI Handler is married to the daughter of John “Pizzagate” Podesta…Israeli Death Squads on the Loose?

Was this a Third Flag?  James Wesley Rawles believes at least two shooters.

Official story changes, security officer shot BEFORE massacre

Eye-witness believes multiple shooters

Robert Steele says MGM execs Insider Trading of $190 Million

Mike Adams makes the case for Second Shooter via Forensic Audio Analysis

Laura Loomer forces Sheriff to admit alleged shooter checked in on 25th, not the 28th

Original Taxi Driver Video RIGHT UNDER MANDALAY BAY


Article by Yoichi Shimatsu FOLLOW THE MONEY

Article by Yoichi Shimatsu  SPOOK PADDOCK EXECUTED BY ISIS?