Stings & Traps: Las Vegas Edition?

For this week’s show, I wanted to recap some articles I came across that were of interest regarding The LV Shooting.  I can’t positively say what happened.  I have my own thoughts about it just like everyone else.

I’m sure the EFR staff already beat me to the punch on this last week, but there were still a few items I wanted to discuss.

The one caution I want to issue:  stay away from the “nobody died”  “it’s a hoax”  “fake blood” “crisis actors”  simplistic crap that’s floating around social media from the same people trying to claim that Gene Rosen from Sandy Hook is the shooter.  Stay away from this junk, and focus on poking holes in the official narrative put out by the media and law enforcement.

People were injured, people were killed.  If you wish to view the gruesome photos visit and Youtube where there’s video footage of people bloodied, gargling, and gasping for their last breath.

I think Yoichi Shimatsu had the most interesting piece that I’ve read outlining the “big picture” of what may have happened in Vegas.  You can read his article here

There are a few typos (I believe Yoishi is Japanese) but the content is interesting, to say the least.

The outro dialogue of the show is from Mark Koernke.  He’s live on Joe McNeil’s every weekday morning 9am-11am EST and then does another three hours on from 5-8pm EST (the 7 pm hour is a break).  After a decade of listening to him, he’s one of the few people I trust on matters, even when shooting from the hip.

Many of the opinions in this show may prove to be false.  I did issue that Caveat in the show.  Time will tell.  “Caveat Emptor,” as they used to say.

Here’s a video I posted of Mark on YouTube yesterday.

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