Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I received this email and I would like to share it with all of you. Make your own judgements as to what you think about it.

Hello people of Yahweh,

This email is sent out to people to understand that a coup is happening on our soil right NOW! Here is how it is happening:

Do you remember what happened to the Ukraine? We (United States) did that. Did what? Overthrew their government by replacing their existing President with one of our choosing. Obama stated in an interview (you can watch on youtube) the he brokered the deal for the coup in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland, with the State Dept. spear-headed it with tax payer dollars. Then we have the traitor John McCain (who helped spearhead and finance ISIS) was over their also putting this takeover together.

Now let’s go to this recent incident in Virginia. A supposed White Nationalist got a group together to show support and keep the monuments from being taken down, or so we’ve been told. Here is what is really going on, and I need you to pay very close attention to wrap your mind around this scenario.

The same flags were used, by these supposed White Nationalists in Virginia, that were used by the White Nationalists in Ukraine. They used the same torches at night-time also. Then what happened was the opposing side came in which then brought the military in then came the coup to replace the President of the Ukraine. So, we see the Deep State is doing the same with in conjunction with the CIA again in our country to get rid of President Trump. They set up both sides to play against each other. They have control of the media to spark and spawn emotion towards a projected direction in order to initiate their outcome of marshal law and take over the Presidency.

This is where the Bible says we need to be a gentle as doves but as wise as a serpent. This is what has happened all over the world. From Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Syria, and now here on our soil. The same thing is going on in Venezuela. They have no food and people are starving and killing each other. The mineral deposits are extremely rich and certain people want control of that country. They have gone through two devaluations of their money in the past and here they go again. Only here they need to country to go back to it’s course it was on with Obama for their one world government for their “father”.

Once we understand that Satan’s children desperately trying to get trump out of office then we can better understand what is happening in our land and that “they” (Jews) and their one world government are not giving up. Especially, when we see world leaders like Theresa May, and others condemning Trump for not saying the “right thing”. Why are world leaders getting involved in this incident? Then ask yourself, who runs the media to push and garner more support for their cause?


This is an urgent time to get all the people who know how to pray and fast and start it today. This same supposed White Nationalist group is doing it again at a different location in a few days. These are not the white nationalists that we think they are. These are subversives using their platform. All they need to do is start this in several locations at the same time and bring in the other side to oppose and then call for marshal law and Trump will be out… get it??? They have done it before over and over and over.

It is NOT our time yet. Obama was pushing things ahead of Yahweh’s timing. And we prayed before for God to give us at least ten more years. And he gave a man who will push back and change things who was outside the system. Let’s continue to pray and shut down the “Deep State” and that vile spirit that runs them over this region.

Send this on to all of your friends that pray. If we don’t we will be like Ukraine and Venezuela.


Kindest regards in the highest name in the Universe, Yahweh.

Personal note: I hope Yahweh will strike down all the traitors that include and specially the traitor John McCain…son of Cain.


Until Next Time

David James