Being Called

Did you miss out on the broadcast of Thursday’s ‘Divine Truth Radio’? Or the replay on Saturday? Pastor Paul R. Mullet’s sermon was about ‘Being Called To Service’ so be sure to join him next Thursday at 11:00 am EST/ 4:00 pm UK GMT only on Euro Folk Radio. To listen to any of his old shows please go to Divine Truth Radio Show Archive or you can visit our video station at Divine Truth Ministries Video Channel be sure to subscribe and like the videos.

Here is but a sample of this sermon:



“The vast majority of jewdeo-Christianity, and as such main line Christianity is under the impression that Yahweh is trying to save the WHOLE WORLD! They think that this idea goes something like this; Yahweh and the devil are at war over the fate of mankind. This is far from the truth, but we will get to that part later. But, they see it as a desperate struggle between good and evil, Yahweh and satan. However, this is a war for the fate of Adamkind, not mankind. And yes, there is a distinction between the two. One is of Yahweh (Adamkind/Caucasian with the “Breath of Lives”) and of satan (the jews ‘serpent seedline’ and those that serve the them).”

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