DTR 170405 Two Nations Changed The World PT. 2

Did you miss out on the LIVE broadcast of today’s ‘Divine Truth Radio’? Pastor Paul R. Mullet’s sermon was about “Two Nations That Changed the World PT. 2” so be sure to join him next Thursday at 11:00 am EST/ 4:00 pm UK GMT only on Euro Folk Radio. To listen to any of his old shows please go to Divine Truth Radio Show Archive or you can visit our video station at Divine Truth Ministries Video Channel be sure to subscribe and like the videos.


Here is but a sample of this sermon:



“Yahweh, created all the peoples of the earth, this is fact. The story of the True Israelites, is a story of a single family (the Race of Adam, or the Adamic Race) that Yahweh chose for His service, to be shepherds of men, to rule the earth, out of all the earth’s inhabitants.

Some may assume that Yahweh chose to work with Abraham and his descendants because they are greater than or innately better than other peoples. This is true, but Yahweh also deliberately chose to work with a small group of people (race/ethnos) who had no international promises. (Does this sound to you like the White Race?).”


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Two Nations Changed the World

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As a devout Dual Seedline Christian Identists, Pastor Paul R. Mullet has made it his mission to bring forth a Christian Identity, and White Nationalism unification.

Thru his website Divine Truth Ministries, he and his partners in Yahshua the Messiah, they have found common ground in combating jewdeo-Christianity, and have formed a new battle axe for Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

Pastor Paul R. Mullet is considered by many within the Dual Seedline Christian Identity Theology community as a very powerful speaker, motivator and writer, a fast moving up and comer. His tireless devotion to his family, farm, faith and kinsmen are clearly heard within his sermons and writings.

He lives with his wife and two children, on a modest hobby farm in southern Ohio, some would say the border of what will be the New America for the white race.