Like Lyndon Baines Johnson, Harry Truman had a life-long relationship with subversive jooz.  These jooz ALWAYS work behind the scenes in order to subvert America to Jewish interests.  This is the story of one such anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-White joo, Eddie Jacobson, and his role in pressuring Harry Truman to recognize the Bastard State of Kikestan.


Here is the rest of the story.

Harry Tru(true-blue to the joo)man accepted a $2,000,000 cash bribe from B’nai B’rith to recognize Kikestan.

Jewish money in Washington D. C. was even crucial in the very founding of the modern state of Israel. Jewish Democrats Dewey Stone, Abe Feinberg, Ed Kaufmann, and others were key fundraisers for Harry Truman’s Presidential campaigns; they were also Zionists. Going against the will of his own State Department, Truman followed the Zionist line in supporting a 1947 United Nations vote for the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab sections. Afterwards, said long time Democratic activist and brother-in-law of John F. Kennedy, Stephen Smith: “Two million dollars went aboard the Truman [campaign] train in a paper bag, and that’s what paid for the state of Israel.” [COCKBURN, p. 26-27]

  • a quotation from this lengthy but revealing article published by Radio Islam on Jewish subversion of American politics: